Zimpler Casino

Playing with the payment method Zimpler Casino is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. We explain everything important and give some tips:

  • The best zimpler casinos
  • What you should definitely note
  • Sophisticated test methods
  • The best bonus for new players

As a online casino with zimpler, more and more gambling providers are presenting themselves. We have put together the best of them:

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Zimpler is a payment service that comes from Sweden and is used there millions of times. It is a kind of e-wallet, but with differences to Skrill and Neteller.

What is zimpler?

zimpler casino logoBefore you use in the online casino zimpler for a deposit, you have to register for this financial service. Then you can play in each casino with zimpler.

In principle, this payment method works similar to traditional e-wallets. However, there is a small difference.

So you pay one

To make a deposit, one must first create a free casinoconto. Then you can select the payment method in the cash register area and enter the amount with which you want to charge the player account.

Then you get an SMS sent with a code with which you can perform the transaction. Zimpler is a mobile payment method associated with the phone. Instead of a password, authorization runs over a text message.

The user account can be used with card payment or directly with the bank account, which is quite flexible.

So if you have put on and set everything, then a deposit is very easy and quick to run in the Zimpler Casino.


At the online gambling, one must pay partly high fees for deposits and withdrawals. Some providers reduce the cost of a payment service more or less completely to the players. If you deposit 50 euros, you actually have less than these 50 euros available.

In the Zimpler Casino but you do not need to worry about it in this regard. As a rule, the deposits are completely free and free of charge, so you can play without prints.

Minimum and maximum amounts

Another question is the after the limits or flexibility, as far as the deposit amounts are concerned. In some online casinos you can only deposit up to AU$ 1000, with others, the limits per transaction are higher.

For most providers, the smallest amount is that you can deposit at 10 AU$. In some places, however, this amount may also be at 20 AU$.


This is a financial product in which the development was particularly important. The authorization of transactions runs according to an extuited principle that meets high standards for financial security.

Various state authorities have controlled zimpler and given green light.


In most casinos you can not enable any bonus with certain payment methods. But that a payment method is excluded from the use of bonus, but is only in the small print and then it is usually too late, if you notice it.

Anyone who deposits in the online casino with zimpler can use the respective bonus offer but definitely. Namely, this is a payment method that is considered extremely bonus friendly.

We are not known to us not a single case where this payment option was excluded from an offer. Who wants to take a bonus in the online casino, can therefore be happy.

By the way, we have attached directly information about the bonus offers in the list with the best zimpler casinos at the top of this page.

Zimpler Casino bonus


In one point, zimpler can not help and that is when taking off the profits. Zimpler is suitable as a deposit method, but does not serve for payouts.

Therefore, you have to rely on an alternative option, for example for payment by bank transfer or by card payment.

Of course, that does not matter to the account verification. So you have to submit two different documents for proof of advance and payout.

Comparison with Much’s

A payment method in the online casino that works very similar is Much’s. This application is also authorized via an SMS.

In contrast to zimpler, however, you can also carry out payouts with MuchBetter. This is practical and can be considered as a decisive advantage.

All information about the Best Muchbetter Casinos can be found here.


Online gambling to use a zimpler casino, bringing some advantages. We would like to look at these points.

  • Handy: After running the first transaction, further deposits are easy. You just have to enter his mobile number and then go through the authorization process. This only takes a few seconds and the player account is charged.
  • Sure: It is a payment system that is technically considered pretty advanced. The origin in the IT affine Sweden is no surprise.
  • Play without bank account: You do not have to submit your bank details directly and also on the bank statements at the bank do not dive the gambling transactions.
  • Activate Bonus: You can use this payment method from a lot of bonus offers.


However, there are also things that some users do not like this payment method so much. In fact, we were able to find more than just a criticism of benefit from the Zimpler Casinos.

  • Log in to Zimpler: Before you can deposit in the online casino in your way, you have to register with Zimpler or set up a user account. Of course this is something awkward and represents a certain hemschweg.
  • Only with mobile phone: Anyone who wants to make the smartphone a few hours out of hand, may not deposit Casino with zimpler.
  • No payouts possible: You can use this method to charge the player account. To replace the credit again, you have to resort to another payment option.
  • Limited cover: By far, not every online casino has integrated this payment method in the cash register area. That makes it harder to determine the best providers.

Our conclusion

In the final bill, it must be stated that there are strengths and weaknesses. In the online casino zimpler to use is just for users mobile technology. It is a payment method that is closely linked to the smartphone.

Of course you can also play with the laptop as long as you have the SMS with the verification code at hand.

Who can live well with that to pay out the profits in a different way, goes quite well with a zimpler casino. You have to register briefly for the financial service, but then the practical and easy application predominate.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Not all operators of online gambling meet our high demands. That’s why we have summarized the best and most reliable providers in a list.

In order to pay in this way into the casino account, you have to register in advance with Zimpler.

At the technical level, very advanced elements are used here. The implementation is also extremely mature under aspects of safety.

You should not only pay attention to the bonus amount, but also on the terms of sales. We have listed the best prices above.