In this report, it is to be about the classic space-slot WinStar from Merkur, which currently in particular new australian casinos often have on offer. At the slot, simple design and coordinated sounds meet, which knows a breathtaking space atmosphere knows. The manufacturer apparently wanted to create a classic here and therefore relies on the well-tried combination of five rollers of three rows. This allows ten paylines. However, please do not blend from the obvious simplicity, because here a lot is offered. With a single spin, you can increase your use with a little luck around 10,000 times. A progressive jackpot is also views by turning five golden star rolls based on the mechanism of a random generator.

  • Manufacturer: Mercury
  • Maximum profit: 10,000 specialized use
  • RTP: 92.03%, additional progressive jackpot
  • Five rolls / three rows / 10 paylines

Winstar Online Casinos

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Construction and design

The name WinStar already gives an indication of what topic at this slot is waiting for you. It’s about stars, more specifically around the topic of universe. In the background of the game, a colorful view of the universe is granted to you, including planetary rings and many luminous stars in the distance. The slot itself also uses the topic and used, in addition to letters and numbers, different colored stars, which serve to determine the profits on the paylines. The optical design is rounded off by a corresponding noise and the manufacturer team has done whole work.

With each spin you feel like you are right on the universe or even on site, so fit the sounds were selected and combined. Just like the optical design, the sound design is simple but appropriate. Freels can not be reconciled, which continues to contribute to the simple overall picture.

How to Play Slot Winstar

At WinStar, as with all slots, it is about achieving certain combinations on the paylines in a spin. Can be played here both via the computer and about your smartphone or iPhone. The smallest selectable betting insert is 0.20 and the highest 500.00 for all versions. In advance, a 1,00 betting insert is set, which can be adjusted with a simple click as desired. As soon as the desired betting insert has been set, you can start with the game. Here, both an automatic and manual procedure are available. In the former procedure, you can make different settings, after which then automatically plays for you. In the manual procedure, you can decide individually after each played round whether you want to play another round or not. A bonus game is unfortunately not available at this slot.

Bonuses and free spins at Slot Winstar

Winstar offers relatively few extras compared to other slots. This also means that in this game quite a few, under certain circumstances, are difficult to maintain innovations on them. Bonus rounds or free spins can not be played in the game. At WinStar, the classic game pleasure is clearly in the foreground. If you still want felams or bonuses, it is advisable to stop the eyes, as casinos that have the slot on offer repeatedly publish special offers. Here, for example, a bonus could be used, which gives you the casino, for example due to your deposits. Alternatively, casinos also offer free games for exactly this slot to compensate for the lack of features and so also to be able to satisfy players that value such a thing.

Avoperative and Slot Winstar

The special feature of WinStar is above all, how simple the complete slot is designed. There are no annoying distractions or confusing components here. The game is pursuing a clear, structured line and this is adhered to any optical, musical and content aspects. Winstar is therefore truly a classic in the world of online slots.

In addition to the simplicity that makes the slot especially, the progressive jackpot should also be mentioned. A progressive jackpot means that the potential profit amount continues to increase with each use until a happy player finally cracks the jackpot. But that can take – accordingly high can also be the payouts. Also, the WinStar Mystery icon should not forget, because this can also help you with your game on good winning combinations.

Conclusion to Slot WinStar

With Winstar, Merkur brought a classic into the world of online slots. Rows, rollers and paylines are traditionally kept and the theme of the universe fits wonderfully to the overall concept of this slot. If you just look for a simple slot where you can play normal and try your luck, this slot is the right one. Here, deliberately renounces distraction and confusing content is dispensed with and instead made a simple, functional design provided, in which the player can think of themselves quickly. Of course, the simple design does not mean that there is nothing to get here. On the contrary, an RTP of 92.03% in combination with the indication that the Progressive Jackpot is not yet invoited here, desire to try this slot and hopefully achieve a great profit.