White Rabbit

Waiting in Wonderland profits on you? Based on Alice in Wonderland, brings Big Time Gaming with White Rabbit another classic slot at the start, which allows the player over five rollers and three rows gains. Since the slot comes from named home, expectations are correspondingly high. Some The best online casinos Have this slot frequently on offer and here you can get a small overview of the functional and special features of this game before you try it yourself. This is useful, especially considering the fact that the manufacturer has integrated some particularly innovative features, which of course want to be understood before the player operates with real money

  • Hersteller: Big Time Gaming (BTG)
  • Minimum insert: 0.1
  • Headstone set: 20,00
  • Release date: 25.10.2017

White Rabbit Online Casinos

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Construction and design

With White Rabbit, the developers have obviously inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The slot plays in a colorful fairytale forest, which was lovingly designed and containing a few animated aspects that lend the forest life. The symbols used in the slot are based on characters from the story. Here, the developers deliberately decided against a cute representation. The characters are adults and more seriously. For a slot, which is only intended for adults anyway, this is quite suitable. The music in the background is extremely tasteful and does not bother playing, but contributes to a positive gaming experience. Overall, the construction is clearly designed. As a special feature, the feature drop button is still to mention, which makes it possible to buy free spells.

How to play White Rabbit

First, you should set the amount to which you want to play. Here, the minimum amount is AU$ 0.10 and the maximum amount 20,00 AU$. It is WHITE Rabbit remaining a megaway slot. This means that there are no fixed paylines, but the paylines is also decided by the size of the symbols. This results in a total of 16,807 ways to get profits. No wonder so that the RTP is particularly high in Wonderland and is noted at 97.72%.

On the rows 2, 3 and 4 there are scatter symbols that enable the feature. This grants 15 free spins. Alternatively, the feature drop function can be used in which this feature can be purchased, and thus the free spells. The caterpillar can be considered as a bonus game, because they accidentally add up to four bonus game symbols to the slot during the gameplay from time to time.

Bonuses and free spins at White Rabbit

With White Rabbit, the developers have integrated various possibilities, Gain free spins. One way is to achieve the corresponding combinations during the gameplay. For example, if you receive three scatter symbols, you get 15 free spells. An alternative to get free spins is the Feature Drop. Here can be bought for the first time in a slot free spells. Simply click on the Feature drop button above the button for initiating a game round.

Another special feature of this slot is the Queen’s Reel, which works as follows: The maximum number of symbols on a roller is twelve symbols. When a roller reaches this maximum number of symbols, the Queen’s Reel is unlocked. The Queen’s Reel is a special, extended roller that contains additional red-queens and wild symbols.

Besonderes an White Rabbit

White Rabbit lifts from other slots by combining Big Time Gaming various creative aspects to a wonderful game. Megaways technology ensures a huge number of profit facilities and thus ensures a higher fun. Next to it is of course the high RTP of 97.72% to mention. Even if the RTP provides information about winning opportunities, please also consider the volatility of the game: the game has a particularly high volatility. This means that it can certainly happen that there are longer thirst trails without profits. These are statistically seen in the further gameplay by particularly high gains. So the game is more for the players who want to take a high risk and hope for the big profits. Incidentally, the feature is completely new to acquire the function of acquiring free games.

Conclusion to White Rabbit

Big Time Gaming has transformed a classic fairy tale to a slot for adults with White Rabbit. However, the history and topic around the game is more in the background, while exciting features ensure the true eye-catcher at the slot. The developers have integrated some innovative features, with which the players should familiarize themselves before the start of the game. Here are both the principle of megaways to mention and the changing sizes of the symbols. The game was designed so that a high volatility is present, which is based on an RTP of 97.72%. The programmers know their target group and included a function, which player hearts will be increased. The speech is of course from the Feature Drop, so the function to buy free games. According to a Chinese saying, white bunnies bring happiness. We wish a lot of fun in Wonderland!

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