Vikings go to Hell

The fearless Vikings have returned in Vikings Go to Hell to fight the demons of the underworld. In the third part of the series “Vikings” by Yggdrasil, the biggest battle has been held so far. According to “Vikings Go Wild” and “Vikings Go Bekerk”, this slot is probably the most comprehensive slot machine from Yggdrasil. There is a lot to experience and win. Also New Australian Casinos will be this slot machine Gladly to record in the portfolio. The game was officially published on 25th MAI 2018. At first glance, it’s a massive and aesthetic slot machine with a lovingly designed playing field. The rollers are fully charged with Viking ornamentation. We find 5 rollers with 4 rows.

  • 25 Gewinnlinien
  • Use from AU$ 0.10 to AU$ 125
  • 3000x profit potential
  • beautifully designed animations
  • Many features and grandioser soundtrack

Vikings Go to Hell Online Casinos

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Construction and design

The topic of Vikings Go to Hell is very clear: Nordic mythology. The topic was implemented professionally and ideas. The whole slot looks so dark as the title requires. The 5 rollers each have 4 fields, on which one can earn many symbols. The simple symbols are the weapons of the Vikings: arrow and bow, throwing axes, sword and hammer. These are only worth 5 to 60 coins and often occur. What would be a battle without weapons? Of course, these weapons are borne by four courtyy viking warlers in the battle. The warriors are deposited with the colors blue, green, purple and red and pay up to 150 coins. Of course, there are also special symbols that unlock the zurzerk mode, free spins or treasure chests.

So they play Vikings Go to Hell

The slot machines can be enjoyed on all appliances. Whether Android, Windows or iOS. The programming is excellent and error-free. You can not detect any performance differences between mobile and stationary devices. Start Vikings Go To Hell by setting your desired amount and pressing the action button. The inserts start at 10 cents and can be screwed up to 125 AU$, which is interesting for the high-scooter. Of course, an autoplay is also implemented and can be started and stopped at any time.

A bonus game is triggered if you find two free spin symbols. Then the demon king Lucifix sends his horde against the Wikingerkriege, which will fight against the demon brood. After the fight comes to a re-spin. Here, the victorious warriors turn into a game, which can lead to big profits. These victories also feed the Berzerker mode!

Bonuses and Freepiele at Vikings Go to Hell

As we already mentioned, there is a berserker mode. This is fed with the re-spin feature, which lucifix, the demon, triggered on the free play icon. On the left side you have an ad on which the four Wikingerkrieger can be found. Under the counterfei there is a rage bar, which increases by the fighting. You also get the coveted angry points with other actions. For example, when the treasure chests appear. Lucifix or the Lord of the Chains, then assign them. The Lord of Chains appears at the end of each round when at least 1 Viking symbol is present. He chooses a random Viking to fight with him. When the Viking gets a blow to the Lord of the chains, the Viking is becoming a solid wild and 1 health rod is removed by the Lord of the chains. Defeating the Lord of the chains will be rewarded with free spots.

Besonderes an Vikings go to Hell

The special feature of berscher mode is that you always wins against the demons, which means that the playing field is full of wilds in free play mode. It takes his time until you have enough angry points for his warriors to start the Berserkrund, which is then well worth it. The level 2 free play is then slightly changed: Here the solid Wilds are reset, you will receive 7 free games. If a Vikings are in the berzerker mode, it is not interrupted. At the end of each free game, a Wikingerkrieger is selected to fight Lucifix. Every blow to the demon king awards two solid wilds. He is defeated by three goals. As a reward, you also get a triple multiplier for the entire free play round as a bonus. Since the Oberdaemon is dead, of course, the Vikings win all fights against the henchmen and become all to Wilds!

Fazit zu Vikings go to Hell

Vikings go to light is a magnificent slot machine of the Scandinavian software chamber Yggdrasil. Many features were installed, which gives the slot a certain complexity, but at the same time the events are logically linked and after a short time you have entered the game system fully. It also wants to be mentioned that from time to time and at treasure boxes on the field to be found, which reveal to normal or epic treasures and also give rise to angry points. Overall, everything is very consistent and epic. The soundtrack and the effects are the cherry on the cream. Even if they have not dealt with Nordic mythology, they are guaranteed to be fascinated by the topic. You can also win 3000 times the use and the profit distribution is very variable. With an RTP of 96.1%, the slot is also good. Try it is worth it!