Vikings go Berzerk

The Slot Vikings Go Berzerk comes from the meanwhile established manufacturer YGGDrasil and Many new australian casinos Have this slot in your assortment. Reason enough to take this game in more detail below the magnifying glass. Here you can guide all the useful information about the Viking adventure to ourselves and get an overview of design, functional and special features of the game. Of course, this is especially true for players who are already fans of the Viking Genre, as they are probably especially looking forward to the elaborate representations and graphics. The game is so captivating that actually every player will come to his expense. Game, fun and tension are guaranteed here.

  • Manufacturer: Yggdrasil
  • Construction: Five rolls, four rows, 25 paylines
  • Free games: yes
  • RTP: 96,1%
  • Maximum profit: 500.000 AU$

Vikings Go Berzerk Online Casinos

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Construction and design

The developers of YGGDrasil did not spare costs and efforts at Vikings Go Berzerk and creating a breathtaking game that skilfully put us in another time. Of course, a Viking theme includes ship and water – both can be found in the background, whereby the water is even animated and mediates an impression of the flow. Likewise, the Viking characters have been graphically implemented with attention to detail. The Vikings not only look authentically, we can additionally marvel at their breath.With so much effort, as far as the graphic is concerned, it is not surprising that the background music is atmospherically come from and properly chosen suitably. The mixture of the symbols used is extremely tasteful and includes both antique coins as well as the Viking characters themselves. In addition, there are wild and free spin symbols, which immediately provide information that free games are possible in the game.

How to play Vikings Go Berzerk

Vikings Go Berzerk is characterized by a classic structure, so that the game is divided into five rollers and four rows, which provide a total of 25 paylines available. Before it starts, you should set your desired use. The minimum use per payline is 0.01 and the maximum set 5.00. With 25 paylines, this results in actual minimum missions between AU$ 0.25 and AU$ 125.00. The various options for free play and bonus game can be viewed under the information at the bottom left of the screen edge. The information is symbolized by an “I”. As usual in Yggdrasil games, you can make some settings under the Options (Gear) to tailor the game to your needs. Among other things, you can even set the speed of the spins, which is far from a matter of course, but this manufacturer belongs to the good sound.

Bonuses and free spins at Vikings Go Berzerk

In different ways, free games can be unlocked at Vikings Go Berzerk. One way is to charge the “Rage”, ie the anger of a viking. Every time you win a round with a Viking, its anger barometer fills up, which ultimately results in seven free games as soon as the barometer is fully charged. In addition, the free spin symbols can be unlocked. Another exciting feature is that before playing free games always activates one of five bonus extras. Among other things, there is also a treasure chest in the game, which in the truest sense of the word has in itself: In regular game mode, you can collect between 50-1000 coins and 7-21 free plays. In free play mode even higher prices are possible. With this variety of free play and bonus features, the fun is nothing in the way!

Special about Vikings Go Berzerk

Among all the peculiarities, which Vikings Go Berzerk has to offer, it is difficult to decide what is best succeeded here. The complete game seems to be perfectly thoughtful and implemented. On the one hand, there is of course the optical representation to mention that is probably hard to exceed for attention to detail. On the other hand, there are also very exciting features regarding bonuses and free games, so that the game does not just look great, but also fun. Now considering that a RTP of Sage and write 96.1% is based on the whole, a smooth mouth remains open. As a very special extra, we are still advisable to watch the high-quality intro video. This can be found when you click “Show Trailer” when starting the game.

Conclusion to Vikings Go Berzerk

The perfect slot has a name: Vikings Go Berzerk. The manufacturers of Yggdrasil created a masterpiece here, where there is really nothing to complain about. We have it with the perfect mix of graphics, playing fun and profit opportunities to do. Who likes Viking, will love this game. Who does not like Viking, will love this game as well. At this point was again stressed on how much effortly the developers have given along the whole game. It is immediately noticed that the programming professionals were at the work, which love their job and probably in their hearts with body and soul Vikings are. We wish you a lot of fun and luck playing this slot. Get your Viking hat from the wardrobe and then on the tumbled!