Video Poker

Video poker is a unique casino game that combines slot machine and table poker features. The customer has no opponent per se, and payouts are based on poker combinations collected on the machine’s screen. But the main advantage of the game is that you can play on a level playing field with the casino, which is not the case with video slots or roulette.

Video pokers, for free online demo games

Video poker is more of an imitation than a real game, it attracts many fans, and this is largely due to the variety of unusual versions. Modern manufacturers video poker software provide both classic models, exactly repeating the rules of poker, and its non-standard varieties. The most popular video poker varieties :

  • Jacks or Better by Bet Soft, a model offering a game with standard rules, appeals to fans of the classic version. The deal involves a deck of 52 cards without jokers, and the simplest combination is a pair of jacks;
  • 10’s or Better is another Playtech development that broadly resembles the previous model. The game is played with 52 cards, no special characters, but in this version of “reduced” requirements to form a simple combination: to get the minimum payout to collect a pair of tens;
  • Jacks or Better by NetEnt, where combinations are formed by the usual rules. The action of service pictures are not provided, but the model allows you to play a few hands;
  • Deuces Wild manufacturer Betsoft with the “wild” symbol – a double – offers the formation of unusual combinations that require mandatory participation of the “wild” card.
  • American Poker II is the most popular video poker model presented by Greentube. The main differences from the classic game are a non-standard high combination that multiplies the bet by 6,000 times and a peculiar calculation of odds for pairs of jacks and higher.

Types of video poker games

Available on the site slot machines with video poker, made with the observance of all the details. For example, using the functionality of the machine, you can take part in a mini-betting. Using the keys Double or Gameble, you need to guess the colour of the card, which will appear at random on the screen. In addition, you can also try to guess the suit of the card. And, if answered correctly, your winnings will be credited to the total game payout.

Best of all, you can play mini-games for free with a withdrawal of the winnings.

video poker

Advantages of Theme Games

Video poker is one of the favourite games of all gamers. You don’t need to build a team to play, as you can play alone. On top of that, video poker comes with licensed software, which is used by nearly every well-known virtual casino. Therefore, the use of professional software allows you to provide your players with a comfortable and safe gaming experience. In addition to this, all video poker enthusiasts are provided with the very best conditions. Which include:

  • a large collection of video poker games;
  • the ability to play for real money;
  • Jackpot availability in all games.

Also, the slot machines are themed, so the graphics and sound will fully immerse you in the atmosphere of the game.

Video poker rules

There are several variations of video poker games, but the rules are all the same, with only a few variations being stipulated by the player before the game starts. The main difference between video poker games is the number of hands played – a classic game has only one hand that receives cards, but there are variations of video poker with multi-hand games. In that case, the player can choose from 2 to 100 hands to receive cards. Accordingly, the winnings from all the combinations received by the player’s hands go to the player. There are also differences in the decks that take part in the game. The classic deck consists of 52 cards, but sometimes “jokers” are included in the game.

So, the basic rules for the classic game:

  • As at the real game table, participants receive 5 cards each after being dealt.
  • Then the player decides which cards seem the best for the final deal and keeps them, the rest can be discarded – they will be replaced. When the choice is made, the “deal” button. By the way, in the first draw the player can discard all the cards, or not one.
  • Now the “draw” button, the player is given new cards to replace the old ones discarded.
  • That’s the whole game. Based on the results of the second turn and the winnings are given.
  • However, it is possible to double your winnings. The “Double” or “Gameble” function, which is located in the bottom corner, can be used. The participant only needs to guess the suit of a randomly drawn card. The bet can be increased if the player also risks guessing the suit of the card.

Video poker rules are fairly straightforward, especially if one has to play video poker at a real table.

Optimal strategy

There are actually far fewer strategies in virtual poker than in real poker, as the game is not played with other people who can be tricked with behavior or bargained with. Some basic video poker strategies:

  • Don’t bet higher than you can afford;
  • If in the first hand you understand that there is an opportunity to make several combinations, then favor the more expensive one;
  • Finally, after winning big money, don’t be afraid to bet to the max, because that’s the only way you’ll hit the jackpot.

How do I play video poker?

Video poker can be played for free in demo mode. It’s important to note that the system won’t limit you in your bets, as the free video poker version provides a virtual account. Also, all video poker game variations allow you to win the grand prize of Jackpot. Therefore, with the condition that you have the excitement and loyalty of luck, you need to log in to the online casino website and fund your account.

Free download poker to your mobile phone

Mobile video poker allows you to play from smartphones and tablets. In terms of functionality, the applications for iOS and Android devices are as good as their desktop and browser-based counterparts. You can play poker on your phone in almost all poker rooms. The app settings have options for customising the interface, controlling PUSH notifications and selecting hotkeys. Video poker download is available from the official poker room website, Google Play or the App Store.