Super Nudge 6000

With Super Nudge 6000, Netent has designed a classic slot machine that offers five paylines for twice three rolls. On these rollers the usual fruit symbols appear, as many classics also have on offer: lemons, oranges, melons, grapes and natural symbols such as dollar signs or bells. There are some other symbols on the upper rollers. These include cherries, peaches, watermelons, in turn grapes and golden crowns and the luck seven.

The name is program

As the name already reveals, it’s not just about how the rollers turn and position themselves. It is equally important in this game, then the rolls then get into place. This feature makes the game on the slot machine of course a whole piece more interesting! In return, this game renounces a number of special functions commonly used today, such as free spins or other bonus functions. All you have to do is push the rollers in the right position for a continuous payline and you may already have a really juicy profit.


If you have achieved a profit, you will get the opportunity to make this way immediately. Or you decide for the supermeter mode in which you can win up to 6,000 coins. This additional game takes place on the upper rollers and you always have to make the maximum use of ten coins. For this, the profits are always always a little higher. In the supermeter mode, the profits will be credited directly to your account.

When playing on the upper rollers you will receive one, two or three shocks and the profit amount depends on how much you have previously won in the main game.


The profit ratio (RTP, Return-to-Player) varies depending on how many paylines you have selected. The theoretical profit rate in the game with only one payline is 74.90%, which is a rather deep value. However, the quota rises to select the more paylines you choose. If you have enabled all lines, the profit rate is 96.80%. The biggest price that can pay out the game is 11,980 coins that you can win thanks to the super-nudge function on the upper rollers.

A representation with overview

While you first have to search and click on the payout table for many slot games, you have always appeared at Super Nudge 6000. Especially for new players, this is very convenient because you always see which combination is the most lucrative. After all, you can not always remember this for each slot game. In the huge selection of such games that offer online casinos nowadays, this task would also be an extremely demanding.

Popular with all over Europe

Games like this slot machine are quite popular throughout Europe. There are numerous very similar variants of this game that can be found in many bars and cafes in Europe. The fact that it is super nudge 6000 by a slightly changed copy of the original, does not reduce the fun at all. Especially in the Nordic countries like Norway or Sweden, this game enjoys enormous popularity, as is the same for many other slot games of this kind.

Some casinos where you can find the slot:

Frequently asked Questions

In many casinos test versions are offered, so you can first familiarize yourself with the slot and play with play money. Any profits are then fictitious.

Yes, if you are in one Licensed online casino play, the game is absolutely legal.

Since the game comes from the well-known manufacturer Netent, which stands for quality, you do not have to worry about scam.