Spinning Wilds

Who tries new australian casinos, often stumbles on the casino slot spinning game. Here you will learn what exactly in the game will come to you and what special features there is to be considered. The wild slot of the renowned manufacturer of Green Valley comes with five rollers and four rows therefore, which enables profit opportunities to say and write 40 payments.

An appealing look and a pleasant soundscape take the player into a casino adventure, in which, as always, it is about to dust a great profit as possible. But even the fun will not be neglected at this slot, because the manufacturer knows how to combine casino elements sent and thus create a corresponding atmosphere.

  • Manufacturer: Green Valley
  • Construction: five rollers / four rows
  • Special symbols: wild, spinning wild
  • Free games: yes

Spinning Wilds Online Casinos

You can play spinning wilds in the following online casinos:

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Construction and design

Spinning gilds come to the point quickly, and so the manufacturer remained directly at the topic in the topic, namely the casino area. The design is simply, but noble and so jumping on the a total of five rollers of four rows of known symbols from the casino world, for example the classic three seven side by side, cherries, diamonds and symbols in the field of card games. There are also three special symbols and wild, spinning wild and Free spells. Wilds replace all other symbols and thus can contribute to a profit by mimitting a missing symbol. Spinning Wilds Select a random symbol, which is then transformed into a wild symbol. The earning of three free-play symbols then also shuts off five free spells for you.

How to Play Slot Spinning Wilds

To play the Slot Spinning Wild, you can either get started directly in real money mode or first use the free test mode, where you can try with play money the slot and test whether you are the peculiarities of the wild symbols, spinning wildlife Icons and the bonus game fell. You can reduce the betting insert set by default to 2.00, so that playing with a betting insert of 0.1 is possible. The setting of the betting insert is relatively cumbersome, but succeeds quickly as soon as you know. In order to set the betting insert, you must first click on the three yellow bars at the bottom right screen. Of course, this can also be advantageous because therefore an unwanted change of the betting insert is unlikely. In the same field, you can also make settings regarding the automatic game function if you prefer this to the manual operation of the game button.

Bonuses and free spins at Spinning Wilds

Spinning wildlife promises wild fun and achieves it by a combination of traditional casino symbols and specifically created for this slot symbols, which ensure additional action and make the game rounds particularly exciting. For example, a special feature of spinning wildlife is the playing of wild and spinning wild symbols that increase winning opportunities by transforming existing symbols. Also, the free-play icons, through which free spells can be unlocked, significantly raise the game fun and definitely make you want more.

If that should not meet, of course, you can also request directly with the respective casino if a bonus is possible in conjunction with a deposit made. In addition, they should always be open to the eyes, which special offers casinos offer at the time of their deposits, because often you can do their deposits tactical and thus may obtain additional bonuses or free games for a slot.

Besonderes an Slot Spinning Wilds

The slot shines above all through its combination of simple design, appealing music elements and exciting symbols that lift the game fun to a maximum. Anyone who appreciates classic casino atmosphere is golden in spinning worlds and is already reminiscent of typical machines for the selected sound effects. Particularly stimulating in the overall picture also the feeling feeling. Through the numerous paylines as well as the three different symbols that initiate the features (Wild, Spinning Wild and Free Games) you have the feeling that anytime the big gain could come. These functions let the game appear truly wild and so it can be noted that the manufacturer has done a whole job at the naming. One or the other maybe the slot may seem a little confusing first, but this is exactly what makes the fun factor.

Conclusion to Slot Spinning Wilds

For Spinning Wilds, the real casino sectors are mainly at their expense. It’s about tension, high profits and a sense of risk. The manufacturer Green Valley delivers a flawless slot with well thought-out concept, so it succeeds from front to back perfectly to bring the feeling of a real casino at the player. Pure casino atmosphere! In addition, the mixture of simple and creative elements make this slot very special and lift it off the crowd. Of course, every slot is about winning something and this slot offers many opportunities for this. This ensures a tremendous fun factor and you will see that every single spin escapes a feeling of tension. As in the right casino!