Play Spartacus – this slot will not miss it. Based on the exciting history of the Great Roman Gladiator, they experience big chances of winning without much effort. The rolls are much more varied than Most of all slots and therefore come with great musical accommodation. There are two game rollers: the main roller and the colossal roller.

The symbols on the two rollers differ and thus make this slot particularly unique. Each of these diverse symbols has been designed carefully for this slot. Gladiators, swords, signs and cards – all waving with generous win. Decisive for the ultimate profit are the number and type of symbols. Look forward to a number of bonuses and a maximum yield of 1250 coins. For new australian casinos you will learn everything about the game.

  • Manufacturer: WMS
  • Rollers: 5
  • Gewinnlinien: 100
  • Free games: yes
  • Bonus game: Yes
  • Jackpot: 500x

Spartacus Online Casinos

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Construction and design

Back in the old Rome you meet on the legendary, brave fighter Spartacus. A gladiator who was used to fight under the brooding heat, the thunderous applause and in the sight of any terrible enemy. He impressively demonstrated his courage as a leader of a rebellion of the enslaved gladiators and thus became an honorable and unforgettable figure of the Roman Empire. In this slot, you can expect several matching symbols on the rolls, such as the Coliseum, female gladiators, signs, swords, helmets, lions, the game logo and four playing cards. It expects 100 paylines from 0.50 for two lines. The slot also contains wild, stacked and scatter symbols and free spins. At least three Colosseum symbols on both roll sets give you free spins. A stunning musical accompaniment and great graphics complete the game pleasure in the best sense.

How to play Spartacus

Spartacus can be played everywhere. Home at the desk, bus and train, in bed, on a meadow in the park or when the waiting time at a stop is once again for boredom. This slot is suitable for all devices – whether computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone – enjoy it where you want and where you are right now. The great graphics and the matching musical accompaniment know their mood at all times and everywhere and conjure you a smile in the face.

Try the slot with a minimum insert of 0.10 and a maximum use of 250 coins. Look forward to free spins a maximum profit of 1250 coins. There are tension and adventures guaranteed on all devices. Enjoy this slot and look forward to a bonus game.

Bonuses and free games at Spartacus

The number of free spins and the size of the multiplier in the bonus round depends on the number of scatter symbols. With three scattern you get a bonus round of eight free plays and double multiplier. For four Scatterns, twelve free spins are available with five-fold payout coefficients. With five scatterns, 20 free games with twenty-fuel multiplier. An exciting and profitable gaming experience is waiting for you! When using at least 0.10 to a maximum of 250 coins, a maximum yield of 1250 coins attracts.

Enjoy the numerous free spins and bonus rounds and immerse yourself in the world of the poor and suppressed the old Rome and let yourself be carried away by the scent of rebellion. Become a hero, forget the everyday life and take you home with some lucky gains home and benefit from bonus and free games.

Special at Spartacus

At Spartacus, a jackpot awaits you 500 times your mission. Let yourself be enchanted by the many varied and adapted symbols on the game rollers, the elaborate graphics, the rousing sounds. Not for nothing, Spartacus belongs to the most popular and most demanded slots in the world of online casinos! Free games and bonus rounds en mass leave no room for boredom. The many profit opportunities will open to you the opportunity to experience your own personal day. Play this slot for free and uncomplicated – without registration and with understandable briefing in the game rules. So your game pleasure will be offered without great barriers and adversities. There are no wishes unfulfilled – neither at the fun of the game, nor at the odds of winning that this exciting slot supplies in abundance.

Conclusion to Spartacus

The legendary varied game pleasure! Experience this slot with its numerous symbols and winning opportunities. Many free rounds and bonuses, symbols of old days witnesses of bravery, courage and steadfastness. Many narratives and traditions tend to be around him, several books, films and series have already picked up his life and work.

Time to finally have participating in his adventures! Secure your mission that leads you to the antiquity and the Roman Empire – and out of everyday life. Experience the legendary uprising in the best graphic and with the most suitable sounds. Be there when Spartacus breaks up to new deeds and adventures. Become a rebel and impress your bravery impressively. Let the rollers roll and get the profits!