Roman Legion

The Legions of the Romans were once the nonultra among the armies of the world and their values and traditions were of course traded until today’s time. Roman Legion is an online slot that is currently dedicated to these legions and plays with the Martial symbolism of this army over 2000 years ago. New Australian Casinos Once again, this slot looked closer and shows them what to arrive at the game and where the best winning opportunities wave. The game is relatively simple, but conveys a very tidy impression. Hectic only works in the background, where a Roman legion is already on the way to the next battle.

  • Manufacturer / Developer: Gamomat
  • Bonuses: free spins and two gamble functions (ladder and cards)
  • Rollers: 4
  • Gewinnlinien: 4
  • Return to Player (RTP): 96,16%

Roman Legion Online Casinos

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Construction and design

As so often with Slots already reveals the name where the journey will go in this game. It goes to the next battle with the Roman Legion. This will tell you at the latest the screaming legionnaire when it appears as a wild symbol on the roll. The other symbols are the classic numbers and letters that just belong to each casino. These are the 9, the 10 and the English letters J, Q, K and A, which would apply to card games for the boy, the lady, the king and for the ass. Three or more horse symbols free the free spells in Roman Legion. In these things can not get more such games again, but after all, they always get their ten at once.

So you play Roman Legion

It is not that this slot would be very complicated now. Accordingly, it does not have infinite possibilities in terms of bonus games. Much more likely is that you should get the most out of one existing bonus opportunity. The bonus game from the free games does not bring more free spins, but after all, wild symbols remain during the free games, so that their winning opportunities within the bonus game in Roman Legion tend to become increasing.

The coin value can be selected between 0.1 and 20. However, fixed only one coin can be used per game. The gain of the jackpot brings 1000 coins. The slot is graphically very simple and only suitable and available for the desktop computer for playing. Versions for mobile devices are unfortunately not available.

Bonuses and free spins in Roman Legion

Roman Legion contains no actual bonus game for itself. This role is taken by the free games that can offer you extended profit opportunities. However, since the deviations in this slot game are rather large, they often have to wait a long time until they receive free games again. In between, it can certainly happen accordingly that you have to recharge your game account again, as the coins could be assumed by many games.

The free spins are activated by three or more mounted Roman soldiers as symbols. Should screaming soldiers appear within the free spins, they remain in place and offer you the opportunity to complete winning combinations as this game icon can replace all other symbols in the game. However, big bonuses like other games are not to be expected.

Special on Roman Legion

It is a journey through time in the past times, which makes this game in principle. They focus on their trip in a time of 2000 years ago, when the Roman legionaries still dominated the battlefields of this area of the world. This is especially reflected in the wild and scatter symbols consisting of Roman fighters. With the wild symbol, they are woken up by the depicted soldier, in other cases, the soldier will come towards the horse. The background of the game gives you the right context for the game with the legionnaires, there are several catapults and other war machines, which well just overwhelm an opposing position. But that should not be distracted, because for you, the focus should be clearly on the free games.

Conclusion to Roman Legion

If there is talk of the Roman legionnaires, a Martial struggle is often expected that the Romans will of course never lose in life. Action right on all sorts of fronts is less expect with this slot, but there are always small highlights.

Overall, a uniform playing style is to be determined, but this is also part of everyday life for the legionnaires, even today. From the structure this slot is very simple and accordingly easy to understand. However, fast and often occurring profits are more likely to be expected because of this structure. Rather, it takes a lot of patience until you can record worth mentioning profits at Roman Legion. Even soldiers have to be patient to the day, but patience can be worthwhile – so or similar can this slot be aptly describe.