Rainbow Riches

Who does not know her, the mystical say that at the end of the rainbow a pot full of gold is waiting for the lucky finder. RAINBOW Riches builds on exactly this legend, which incidentally has its origins in Ireland and has small, mostly green cobbles to the object, which hide their riches at the end of rainbows. With this slot, Barcrest Bring another classic slot at the start, which is divided into five rollers and three rows.

Especially these classic slots are the new australian casinos like to apply, often with appropriate bonus offers. Learn here what this slot differs from other slots and why you should just give this slot a chance.

  • Manufacturer: BARCREST
  • 5 rolls, 3 rows, 20 paylines
  • RTP: 95%
  • Besondere Symbole: Road to Riches, Wishing Well, Pots of Gold

Rainbow Riches Online Casinos

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Construction and design

As the name suggests, Rainbow Riches is about the old Irish legend, which promises us unsavible treasures at the end of each rainbow. The design is kept more simple here and limited to a nice purple background with a single rainbow that extends from the left edge of the screen to the right. Against this background, the five rollers and three rows on which profits can be achieved. There are 20 different paylines, which can be reviewed in the instructions for the game. The profits are achieved by combining Irish-emanced characters, goblins, fountains and gold coins. The name is so program. Similarly as the design also sounds the sound effects. The game therefore contains quite little distraction, so you can concentrate fully on the essentials. Free spins can not be played.

How to Play Rainbow Riches

Thanks to the clear design of Rainbow Riches, the fun can start quickly. The minimum insert can be set per line and is at least 0.01. If one only plays a payline, so this is the smallest possible use. The maximum number of profit line is 25.00, which allows a total of 500.00 to play all 20 paylines. The maximum profit of which can be achieved in the game, is 250,000.00.

In addition to the regular profits, which can be achieved on the paylines, there are three very special symbols (Road to Riches, Wishing Well and Pots of Gold), which unlock additional functions. In the case of three road to riches, for example, a bonus game appears, in which a random number of steps specifies, whether and in which amount additional profit can be dusted.

Bonuses and free spins at Slot Rainbow Riches

The Bonusrundenwho can be unlocked over the different symbols lift this game from others of its kind and ensure extra funding fun and varied entertainment. For example, three road to-riches symbols release the “Road to Riches” feature. There is a path where additional profits can be achieved by gaining a random number of steps on this path. The number of steps is set by pressing the rotary button. Three Wishing Well Symbols free the Wishing-Well feature free. This ensures the activation of multipliers that can bring the player to up to 500 times gain of the original insert. Last but not least, there is the Pots-of-Gold feature. Again, the player comes a multiplier to help through which 500-fold gains of the use are possible.

Special to Rainbow Riches

Anyone who rather deals with winning instead of paying attention to special graphics, that was the heart of this game. The RTP is above average at 95% and the game fun is not too short. It is nice that the manufacturer has focused on innovative functions at Rainbow Riches, which can bring in the right circumstances to the player and with a little luck big gains. In addition, it’s easy to experience alternating features in the gameplay and thus experience a little change in playing the slot. This variety does not only bring a lot more fun game fun, but does not even help to a great profit, namely the 500 times the originally made betting insert. Here you can confidently find that the manufacturers would like to give the player once a pleasure.

Conclusion to Slot Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is an externally classically held slot, which has not necessary to blend with an exaggerated design. Instead, the slot shines with high winning opportunities and innovative features integrated into the game. At the amount, the player has a free choice and can play either with very small inserts or a slightly higher use. The player always decides on the risk.

This slot can also provide great happiness without exaggerated graphics effects because special symbols can multiply the original use up to 500 times. So even with small inserts, more greater profits can be achieved. And who has played with a greater use, who has finding a treasure at the end of a real rainbow might not even need.