The Gemix game developed by Play’n Go is an extraordinary slot where you can count on an exciting gaming experience. Here they go to the depths of a mountain, in which great treasures can be found. Collect the jewels and gemstones on the rolls to get big profits. The game, which has both established and new australian casinos on offer, but not only offers a lot of prices, but also numerous special features that provide a lot of variety.

So that you can get a better impression, we have the most important facts of the game at a glance here:

  • A unique software and high quality graphics from Play’n Go
  • Many special features and special functions
  • A varied design
  • An exciting level mode where you can explore different worlds

Gemix Online Spieles

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100% up to 150AU$ +150 free games

100% up to 100AU$

100% up to 300AU$ +100 free spins

100% up to 300AU$ +50 free games

100% up to 300AU$ +100 free spins +10% cashback

100% up to 500AU$

100% up to 500AU$ +250 free spins

100% up to 200AU$

100% up to 500AU$ +90 free games

Construction and design

For many players who have become accustomed to normal slot construction, Gemix will first be a surprise. The playing field consists of 7 × 7 fields where various jewels and gems can be found. There are no certain paylines here, because winning combinations arise when you get several equal jewels in one block. Although there is no free spins in this game, but it has falling symbols.

If a winning combination is created, it disappears and new symbols take their place. During the game one has the opportunity to travel through different worlds and thus also visible different symbols. For example, in every world, the game symbol changes. In a world, it takes the form of a lantern, then that of a lollis and then that of a magic book.

So you play Gemix

The Gemix game system is relatively easy and quick to understand. There are no rollers here, but a game button that the symbols are replaced on the field. If a winning combination is formed, the affected symbols disappear and are replaced by new falling symbols. At the level of their profits, they have direct influence here, because they have the opportunity to customize their commitment individually. The minimum deployment is AU$ 0.5, the maximum usage is 100 AU$. A higher commitment can be worth living with a little luck, but thanks to the numerous additional features and the bonus game you can get many extra wines here in each round. You can also secure these profits from on the go, because this slot is also compatible with various mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Bonuses and free spins at Gemix

If Gemix is known for one, then it’s the many different features and bonus games. In almost every round you can count on different extras that help you to help you even more winning combinations.

One of the best features of the game is the Crystal Charge Feature. If you create it during a normal round, make more than 20 gems disappear, you turn free from four extras thanks to this feature. The first of them is Nova Blast, where a symbol explodes and the surrounding symbols also disappear. The second extra is Crystal Warp, in which a kind of symbol is turned into another. At Light Beam EXTRA, a flash transforms a series of symbols, as well as chain lightning extra, in which the symbols turn into one of the corner symbols.

Particulars Anix

Memix differs significantly from most other slots. This will be clear when you call the game for the first time, because the construction of the slot consists of 7 × 7 symbols, instead of the classic 5 × 3 tiles. Also, in contrast to other slots, there are no fixed paylines, as winning combinations are then formed instead when equal symbols occur side by side.

But Gemix is not only different from other slots, but also from the general game structure. So you can play here through different levels and worlds, where the layout of the game changes each time and to discover new symbols. For this reason, this particular slot will definitely never boring and hours of fun is pre-programmed here.

Conclusion to Gemix

This game is a varied and exciting slot, which stands out from the classic slots on the market and promises a lot of fun. Here you will not find the traditional slot experience, but numerous different extras and special features that ensure seemingly infinite profit opportunities and ensure even more fun and entertainment in almost every round.

Thanks to the wide range of uses, you also want to choose how low or high you would like to challenge your limit or challenge your luck. Thus, Gemix is suitable for players every budget and can be played for hours. So make yourself in the jewel-occupied cave and look for the valuable stones to secure the big win!