Lowen play casino

Löwen Play is known mainly as a playbothe, but there is also one or the other Lion Play Casino on the Internet. Here you will find out:

  • Where there is online Genuine Playclothen Feeling
  • Where there is online games of Löwen Play
  • Which slots you do not play better
  • How to get the best bonus

List: Löwen Play Online Casinos 2023

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Lion Play is known in Australia primarily as a game room. As Löwen casinos, they have a particularly characteristic facade in the entrance area.

Her story goes back to the year 1949 when the MSN Löwen was founded. They have built money makers for the gastronomy and were originally located in Braunschweig. Name and appearance she got from the corn animal of the city. In the meantime, however, they moved to the Rhineland-Palatinate Bingen.

When scenotheken appeared on the picture area in the 70s and 80s and conquered the inner cities in the storm, the lions casinos were quickly becoming one of the market leaders.

Most machines in their premises come from Bally Wulff, Novoline and Mercury. But in their gambling halls are also their own slot machines available.

These games can also be played on the Internet in selected online casinos.

Lionline und United Remote

That you can play Löwen Play online, only a few experts know. In fact, the games appear on the Internet under another manufacturer name.

Originally they have founded the offshoot Lionline for their online operation. But Lionline casinos are also formal no longer nationwide. In the meantime, they cooperate with the producer United Remote, who sells their games.

That may seem too confusing at first glance. The reason for these different names is probably due to the fact that you want to use your actual name exclusively for your gambling halls.


But it is exactly the games that you can enjoy in the Lion Casino in so many cities. However, there are crucial differences: the average payout ratio and the profit opportunities

In the game room, the return-to-player is less than 80%. In the online versions of your games, however, we get a payout ratio of more than 95%. Thus, the house advantage is significantly lower and the chance of winning from the point of view of the players is much better.

Not only can it be worthwhile to leave the playothek on the left and to gamble online. The maximum use as well as the possible round profit are significantly higher in the online casino, and you can take a bonus on the Internet.

List of Best Lions Play Casino Games

It has made only a small number of Löwen Play Slots to the online casino. Nevertheless, we are grateful for this initiative. It’s better to have a few really great games to choose from than any.

The best three of the Lionline or United Remote Slot machines are present at this point:

  • Triple X: This is a fruit slot with 3 rollers and 5 paylines. At first glance, he is very classic, but Triple X has it in itself: If the X symbol comes three times, then start 10 free games where it goes up to 27 profit routes. So very high profits can come together.
  • Hot Wheels: Anyone who prefer a traditional fruit slot machine is well served with Hot Wheels. In addition to the fruits symbols we play with the 7, star and bell, but without joker, scatter and bonus game.
  • Lucky Unicorn: Also beyond the Fruit Slots, you have your qualities. Lucky Unicorn is a colorful slot machine with unicorn, where you can reach quite high profits about the bonus game on 11 fixed paylines.

Risk piel

In some of the games, you can already get rather high profits, while the traditional games without bonus feature advantages.

But you can take more variance in each of the Lionline Games from United Remote if you want. This is the same with Löwen Play Online as well as in the arcade: If you want to improve the profits, then you can use the risk game.

Here is a gamble by card possible. If you want, you can put them on the color and double their profit, or you put on the symbol for the chance to quadruple. You can use the card risk per game round five times in succession.

Tips and Tricks

The randomness of the games is guaranteed, which is examined by external commissions. You can not outline the random generator and retract a secure profit, this also applies here.

But that does not mean that we can not give any tips on our readers.

  • Inserts: The emission strategy is on the right basic value. For the Lionline games you can use between 0.05 and 50 euros per round. You should choose the use so that you can definitely play a while.
  • Control: You should always think about playing how much money you want to put in the machines. If the money is used up, a break recommends. But if you win, then you can naturally customize the tactics and, if necessary, take the winnings directly from the player account.
  • Risk game: The risk game can sometimes apply, but of course there is always the risk of losing profits. Therefore, you should use the gamble conscious and dosed.
  • Bonus take: If you play with free balance, the effective chance of winning improves. That’s why you should always see if you can use a bonus offer.


In almost everyone Real money Casinos If you can take a bonus as a new player (in some even no deposit bonus without deposit) and also as older players there are always free offers with gifts. This is not different in the Lion Play Casino.

We always rate the sales conditions for a bonus. We recommend our readers exclusively fair bonus offers. The best bonus offers in Löwen casinos for the internet we have listed at the top of this page.


The games with the lion are legendary in Australia. As a manufacturer of slot machines, they are not known as Bally Wulff, Mercury and Novoline, but the quality of the games is still impressive.

All the more beautiful we find it that you can also play these games online. By the way, in each Lion Play Casino, you can also play the Bally Wulff Slots around real profits.

That the games are running online under the brand name Lionline and United Remote plays no role, because it is the original games in the internet version.

So you can also get in the online casino real flower flair, without the many restrictions: Benefits of online casinos are the lack of a player card, greater possible missions and gains as well as better odds of winning the same games.

Many online slots are pure internet productions, drunt drunts many games with jackpot. With the providers on top of our list you can also enjoy the titles from the player. We like that.