Live Casino 2023

In the live casino online with real live dealers to play is becoming increasingly popular. Who present the best online casinos with live tables. We evaluate:

  • The fun factor for blackjack and roulette
  • The best bonus offers
  • Live games with Australian-speaking dealers
  • Roulette tables directly from the casino

List: Live Dealer Casino online

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About Online Live Casinos

The Live Casino has been an integral part of the offer in many online casinos and is hardly indenting. With this revolutionary technology, the way we consume table games in the online casinos completely changed. This article should give a good overview to make the right decision when choosing live casinos.

Again, there were already a variety of different table games to choose from, but which can be compared to the slot machines in their execution. For these games, all results are fully determined by a random generator. Now the players rather play with a real live dealer who can look at the fingers.

In a live casino, a real physical game takes place, which is directed by a similar dealer or croupier. Almost as in a land-based casino, you can play virtually on one of these tables. The action is brought with a live broadcast over the Internet directly to a home, which offers a particularly realistic experience. In this test we take all the factors of Live Casinos a little more closely at the magnifying glass.

Example of a live casino game – that’s how it works

For example, if you want to play blackjack in a live casino, you must first play on one of the chairs at the table. The table is often located in a true casino and is directed by a real dealer that mixes and divides the cards. With the help of a live stream, all actions are transferred to the participating players at the table. In short, you can see everything that would also be found in a true casino.

Also the game run is just as if one would expect him from a land-based casino. The only difference is that you do not put the inserts directly on the table, but virtually placed when you are in turn. All available actions are displayed directly on the screen, which makes playing easier and makes it particularly beginner-friendly. With just a few clicks, its desired action can be transmitted to the dealer in the casino. In a real casino you would use a hand gesture or acoustically tell what you would like to do.

Since you can see the entire table, you can also pursue what the other players do and what cards they received. That can be advantageous in the blackjack. Accordingly, one can flexibly adapt his strategy. Incidentally, the live broadcast is only in one direction. This means that the dealer can not see one and that you do not need a webcam to play. So you remain anonymous, but can still make use of some other social elements to make the game especially entertaining. For example, many tables have their own live chat in which one can talk to the other players and the dealer in real time. Especially this factor lifts the live casino tables from the conventional table games in the online casinos.

Which table games are there in the live casino?

In general, you will find all the popular table games that you can find in a normal casino can also be in various variants for the live casino. Unless otherwise expecting, roulette and blackjack are at the front on the list and thus count without question about the most popular games of this category. Of course you will also find lots of choice at Baccarat and the Casino Poker.

The only game that you do not get to the live casino is craps. Although it is a great hit especially in American gamebanks, there is no implementation for it. Basically, the dice games generally have found no entry into the live casino. For all other types of table games, however, is well taken care of.

How good is the table games?

The selection of the table games can be different depending on the provider. Not infrequently you will find more than ten different variations on blackjack tables in a live casino and a similar choice of roulette. For roulette, for example, there are own tables for the European roulette, French roulette, American roulette and many more.

In addition, you can find tables in different sizes. The smallest tables usually provide space for up to six players. Partially even more than ten players can take on the larger tables. But not only tables in different sizes are a factor in the selection. Of course, there are also different options in the missions. All tastes are served and there are suitable options for recreational players and high scooters.

Are there any other games?

Not only the classic table games have found their entry into the Live Dealer Casino. In addition to the well-known classics, there are also some completely new formats designed specifically for the virtual gamebanks. The game developers are particularly efforts to bring new innovations to the players to ensure the best possible conversation.

Among them, for example, you can find games with a wheel of fortune, where you can take a thick win with a turn on the wheel. The most famous lucky wheel is the game “The Dream Catcher”. But there are also modifications of the classics that differ so much from the original that you need a completely new category.

One of these games is, for example, Blackjack Multiplayer Common Draw. In this game, an unlimited number of players can attend, all of which play with the same hand against the dealer. This can be particularly interesting when watching the output of different decisions and what the players do from the respective situation. In conjunction with the live chat, this variant will become a fun board game with a very special social component that you should definitely try.

Where are the live casino tables transferred?

The tables are usually transferred from two different locations. A relatively large part of this is produced in specially constructed studios. However, there are also many tables that are transferred directly from a true casino. Most manufacturers are located in Malta and transfer their live streams from the Portomaso Casino, which is located in the Maltese coastal town of Sant Julian. But for some time some tables have been brought directly from Australian casinos to the local living room.

The Live Casino Provider Authentic Gaming has a partnership with the François Blanc casino in Bad Homburg. The Casino Bad Homburg is in many circles as the birthplace of the roulette and is a historic site among the casinos in Europe. This stunning backdrop can now also be experienced directly from home via the internet, without having to put a foot in front of the door.

Is there also live casino tables with Australian dealers?

Most of the games are headed by English-speaking dealers and croupiers to provide them with a wide audience. But especially in recent years, online casinos have spared costs and efforts to put together a very special program for the Australian market. Depending on the provider, there are often several tables that have a Australian dealer, with which one can talk about the chat in his own language.

The most common games that are also offered in a Australian version are roulette and blackjack. Some examples are “live Australian Roulette” (Evolution Gaming) and “Live Australian Blackjack” (Evolution Gaming). Often some online casinos even have their own Australian tables, which you can play exclusively at the respective provider.

Which providers are there?

Provider is like sand by the sea. However, some are much better, trustworthy and wider available than others. This list is followed by the five manufacturers for Live Casino Games, which should be viewed once:

Evolution Gaming – Evolution Gaming is one of the largest live casino suppliers at all and in is to be found in many online casinos. In the collection of this game developer you will find more than 100 tables, all of which have a real dealer. The games are compatible with all common devices and can even be played over the browser. There are many rooms that are offered specifically for certain brands.

Playtech – PlayTech also has an excellent library of different tables on offer. The special feature of this provider is that you have some extraordinary options to choose from. In addition to the common games there is also Baccarat, Sicbo and a wide selection of Casino Poker variants at PlayTech.

Microgaming – This provider is one of the oldest manufacturers for online casino games at all and should of course not be missing in the live casino. With microgaming you can play several tables at the same time. The video quality is customizable and thus the live dealer games are also suitable for slow Internet connections and for the mobile phone on the go. All titles are checked by the ECOGRA, which ensures a fair game.

Netent – Netent gained great celebrity, especially through its excellent slots and vending machines. In addition to evolution gaming, the live casino games from Netent are probably the widespread options that you can find on most pages.

Authentic Gaming – This provider is on the fast lane and is one of the few companies that even transfers its tables in and from the US.

These are the advantages of live casinos:

  1. Live broadcast, where you can look at the dealer on your fingers.
  2. Authentic experience, almost as if you were sitting on a true casino table.
  3. Better winning opportunities and longer fun by an online casinos bonus.
  4. Play over the PC or even on the go via a tablet or the smartphone.
  5. You do not have to close up.
  6. A long journey to the casino remains saves and reduces costs for the fuel.
  7. In the live casino you stay anonymous.


If you like to play table games in the online casinos anyway, there is really no reason why not even the live variants should try. The game rules are similarly easy to understand and the condition is an integrated and intuitive. Compared to the normal land-based casinos, you have a variety of benefits that speak for yourself. Anyone who likes the full overview of what has happened and the random generators of regular online casinos is more skeptical, is just right in the live casino.