Legacy of Egypt

With thirty paylines on five rollers, Legacy of Egypt is a true gold pit that lets you share the riches of pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Inspired by an age for a long time before the year 0, this slot game exudes the golden aura from the world of the pyramids, the gods and of course the kings and not least queens of ancient Egypt. New Australian Casinos has taken back to the virtual journey to the Nile and in time to show you to what extent this time travel in a slot game could also be worthwhile for you. Likewise, we explain all the symbols, from the deities from the ancient Egypt to other typical objects from that time.

  • Manufacturer / Developer: Play ‘N Go
  • Rollers: 5
  • Gewinnlinien: 30
  • Jackpot: 500
  • Bonus rounds / free games: yes

Legacy of Egypt Online Casinos

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Construction and design

It is the high culture along the Nile, which was created a few thousand years ago, which supplied the base for this game. The achievements and traditions from that time have always offer enough fabric for films, books and all sorts of other entertainment. Much has found the way in our everyday life. Some of the particularly well-known deities like the sun god Ra, the Anubis or also Cleopatra are of course included as symbols in the game. Free spins are available at Legacy of Egypt when at least three symbols with Egyptian pyramids are located on the rolls. However, the valuable symbol, however, the Pharaoh, which can be used on a payline to tenfold. The Wild Symbol is the Skarab, which can replace all other symbols except the Pharaoh in the game.

How to Play Legacy of Egypt

Of course, it is available to determine the use in the game itself. The entry level is 0.30 coins, the maximum of 90 coins. With increased use, of course, the chances of greater profit increase. The jackpot is 500 and not only comes a bonus game, but the same two.

On which device you want to play, absolutely give you. Legacy of Egypt is playable on all sorts of devices, such as on the PC, on your tablet or even on your smartphone. Of course, the basis for a pleasant game is always a good internet connection, because only so you benefit from the excellent and very detailed graphics that the game has to offer too. The deviations are very high at this slot.

Bonuses and free spins at Legacy of Egypt

High-resolution graphics and a high culture as the basis for the game are only the beginning. Legacy of Egypt has to all the more Bonus features to offerMore than just a “simple” slot machine on the net, which you just have to get into wheels. With three or more pyramids on the rollers you get a chance of free spins. How many it will decide if you turn on the wheel of the Gods (Wheel of the Gods). In each case, a number between 3 and 20 comes out. For this, the profits from these free gilds are still multiplied. Ideally, you will receive 20 free spins, which can only bring up to ten times gains. Now the two wild scatters appear, you will get with the pyramid spins more opportunities on bonuses.

Besonderes an Legacy of Egypt

While several other slots require an angeled prey so that they can record a profit for the long time and again a profit, Legacy of Egypt is right around as soon as they should have found the way to the bonus features. Free games with multipliers are already very tempting alone and if then within this free spells again the same number is waiting for them, that’s almost more than promising. Functions like these, of course, hope for wealth, how once the pharaohs enjoyed when they dominated the country on the Nil several thousand years ago. Overall, the chance consists that its commitment thanks to the bonus features over two stages up to 5000x returns to them. That takes a little luck, but maybe you can also make a smaller profit.

Conclusion to Legacy of Egypt

So tempting the huge big profit opportunities may be, one should not be happy too early. The bonus features together with the absolutely piekeeping graphics ensure that it will not be boring for your eyes. The monotony of simpler slots is not to be felt here. However, with all the optical incentives and with all variety, which may be offered in the game, one should not neglect that thus a volatility (a deviation) is connected, which leads to the fact that you have to wait for a long time in between. But here, too, there is another connection to the already mentioned high culture at the Nile. Even at that time, not every summer brought the same big harvest, but what the ancient Egyptians left, is very sustainable – as well as the impression that Legacy of Egypt is left with you.