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Klarna Casino is another name for gambling websites with immediately. We have a few valuable tips in parat:

  •  The most reliable Klarna casinos
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  •  The best bonus for new players

List: The best Klarna online casinos

There are scary many online casinos with Klarna. Finding the best providers is not easy. We have created a constantly updated list:

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Klarna is a Swedish financial company that has been responsible for the payment method Sofortüberweisung for several years. For this reason, this type of online banking will be called immediately banking and sometimes Klarna.

What is Klarna?

Klarna Casino onlineIn order to recharge his player account in the online casino in this way, you have to have a Australian bank account. Almost all banks and credit institutions in Australia and Austria are compatible with this service.

If you want to use in the online casino Klarna, you do not have to create a user account for this financial service. Namely, synchronization with the bank account will take place automatically on the interface by simply using its normal online banking.

So you pay in the casino

First, you have to create a free player account in the online casino and then goes into the cash register area. There you choose the payment method and the desired amount. Then you can choose from a list his bank.

Then you will be directed to the deposit page where you can complete the transaction. The credit will appear immediately in the player account and you can start playing.

The bank account is burdened with the amount, but that does not always happen immediately. The online casino Klarna Invoice, however, will usually be paid within minutes through the debiting.


Who plays online for real money, it certainly noticed before: In some casinos you get withdrawn for deposits and payouts fees. In this way you have already earned a loss before you started playing.

These fees apply but only for certain payment methods such as card payment and e-wallets. With online banking via Klarna but every transaction is free.

You do not pay any fees as a player and can play with the full amount.


The minimum amount to the deposit via Klarna is in most online casinos at 10 AU$.

The maximum amount per transaction varies between 1000 AU$ and several thousand euros depending on the provider.

Account proverb

For disbursements you have to confirm your player account at the gambling provider known, at least that is the case with higher amounts.

This comes with deposits immediately quite simple: you can simply submit a screenshot of his bank account and the thing is done.


As for security, it is a mature payment method. The safety precautions such as SSL encryption are based on high standards.

Of course, the best technical arrangements are only as safe as the behavior of his users. Therefore, it is – also generally – important that you do not share your login data for your own online banking with other people.


Present as a Klarna Casino is a matter of course. There is only very few gambling websites without this payment option in the cash area.

It is a payment option that can show the best distribution in the world of online gambling. Actually, a provider can not afford to give up Klarna if he wants to be taken first.


The topic bonus is very important in online gambling. In fact, the welcome offers are often the main reason for the change of the provider. For registering a player account you would finally want to be rewarded.

klarna casino bonus

With some payment options such as Skrill, however, one is mostly excluded from the use of bonus offers. Fortunately, this looks very different.

Who plays with Klarna Online Casino, which can also enable the corresponding bonus. This applies to welcome packages as well as for Reload Bonus.

In order to facilitate the orientation, we have attached the bonus info directly to our list above. So you can not only see simply that the best Klarna casinos are, but also what it gives for rewards.

Since there is a whole lot of providers, you can also take a lot of free bonus credit.


Our test shows that there are some advantages in this payment method. That scarcely comes as a surprise, after all, the Klarna Casino is an extremely popular payment option.

These amenities include:

  • Easy handling: You do not have to sign up at Klarna to execute a payment. It is sufficient if you have registered with his bank for online banking. It is therefore a payment system that has a low hurdle and is very practical.
  • Security: This payment method meets all important criteria for securing the data and finances including SSL encryption.
  • No fees: You do not have to pay any fees when depositing in the casino, but can transfer the money for free.
  • Easy: You do not have to push the money back and forth, but can pay directly with the bank account. After all, most people have stored their money.
  • Activate bonus: We can take any bonus offer with this payment option. This is not the case with every means of payment and can therefore be booked as an advantage.


However, there are also reasons that, on the other hand, speak in the online casino Klarna when the following points appear as important:

  • Only with online banking: Not every user can or would like to use online banking – online gambling specifically or even in general.
  • Lifting with profits: You can recharge with Klarna the game account, but the profits must withdraw from another payment method. Some players find a little impractical. If you do in Online Casino mit Online Banking per Trustly Depart, then you can book the profits directly again.

Our conclusion

In the overall view, we tell our readers certainly nothing new when we have the category of Klarna Casino rate as positive. Whether you call it now Klarna or Sofortüberweisung: Not for nothing this payment system is used millions of times during online gambling every week.

It is a safe and very practical form of online banking, which is also free of charge. In addition, you can use a lot of bonus offers.

Only the missing payout option can cause you to use something awkward to apply another payment method.

Otherwise, however, we can fully recommend this payment method.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Not all gambling websites convince with 100% good service. We have chosen the best providers in elaborate tests.

No, a user account is not necessary and by the way not possible. Instead, you can easily use your own online banking for the deposit.

The input of the data is protected by SSL encryption. High security standards are complied with.

The bonus offer is an important criterion in the evaluation of online casinos. The bonus offers of the best providers can be found above in our list.