Keno is a special kind of lottery, and its rules can be a bit complicated for novice players. Keno can now be played in a variety of ways.

The traditional approach of buying a ticket and waiting for the results is no longer very relevant. It has been superseded by Keno online game varieties: simulators, live machines, and even reel slots.

Among the popular online casino lottery varieties are simulators and live games. The online Keno Australia continues to be based on a ticket containing 80 numbers. The player selects up to 20 numbers and then the draw begins. What is attractive about the Keno simulator is the absence of expectations. Buying a ticket, selecting numbers and the actual drawing takes place in a matter of seconds. In fact, no time is wasted by the raffler. Another positive aspect is that one can find out how much he or she has won without knowing the lottery rules. A table will show which payout multipliers correspond to the number of guessed numbers.

Finally, another argument in favour of the lottery is the possibility of pulling off an unconventional jackpot. Of course, there is no better situation in keno than guessing all the numbers. But the winnings can be earned even if you hit the milk. It really is. In some combinations, the payout goes to the loser who does not guess a single number. It would seem that such an intricate set of rules would discourage players, but the popularity of Keno online casino is only growing.


Keno rules

They are more convenient to consider on the basis of the standard version of the game. The keno lotto and ticket each contains 80 elements, respectively balls and cells. They are all numbered in order, starting with one. A ludoman must use his Keno online login to select the number of numbers he predicts will appear in the lottery. Usually 20 numbers are drawn, but there are versions where 10 or 15 fields are drawn. Next, the lottery machine comes into play. On the simulator it is an RNG, a program that generates a sequence of random numbers, the lotto machine selects 20 numbers. The result obtained in keno is displayed in front of the gambler and then the amount of winnings is determined according to the payout table. For clarity, here is an example of payout when selecting 10 numbers, respectively, the number of numbers guessed:

  • 0 – х2;
  • 5 – х5;
  • 6 – х30;
  • 7 – х100;
  • 8 – х300;
  • 9 – х2000;
  • 10 – х10000.

The multiplier is applied to the bet or price of the ticket. It is also helpful to provide a brief instruction on how to play keno:

  • Place your bet on the simulator.
  • Choose the numbers, respectively the lottery version 10, 15 or 20. Mark them on the marked out field. The online keno machine usually has a random number selection feature. You can use it.
  • Press the Play button and wait for the machine to reveal all 20 numbers. If a keno simulator has advanced graphics, the process may take some time. Disable the animation to get the result at once.
  • Check how many numbers marked on the ticket match the numbers drawn.

As stated earlier, the payout multiplier depends on only one parameter. It is the number of matching numbers. Before you start playing online Keno real money, it is highly recommended to practice for free. This will allow you to do a demo keno game. With the same, you can develop and perfect your own systems.

Lottery types

There are no major changes to the rules of Keno. A different number of numbers is allowed, which is quite rare. Most commonly, the difference lies in the number of boxes chosen by the losoman. For this reason, the gambling industry distinguishes between two types of keno:

National lotteries. This is a large-scale project, where the winnings of participants can reach millions. To join the lottery, you have to buy lottery tickets and highlight the numbers you choose. 

The virtual keno lottery is a game of chance, which takes place on a simulator or a live machine. The former allows access to the machine without registration. Visiting the live machines is a privilege for online casino members. 

Keno lottery strategies

It is important to highlight the fact that no single system provides 100% success. The lottery is not roulette, where Martingale at equal odds brings a guaranteed winning result. Therefore, a certain amount of risk is present in every strategy.

With the Dalamber method, the keno betting varies according to the results of the round. If a player loses, the amount of chips at stake is increased by a base unit. If the player wins, the bet is also decreased by the same amount.

According to the Martingale method, each failure is accompanied by doubling the amount at stake. The system is effective on equally likely events. Obviously, if a bet is made on one of the two options, it will play out sooner or later. Doubling the amount, in case of defeat, ensures that the first win will compensate for previous failures.

The number line is a less risky approach than the Martingale strategy in play Keno online. The tactic does not promise an immediate return on lost money, but it is more flexible. The methodology consists in the fact that with each win the amount at stake is reduced by 2 base bets, with an unsuccessful outcome the amount is added, on the contrary, the value increases by one.

Catch-up strategy. It is used by all of the previously discussed techniques. Initially, a particular set of numbers is selected, and then the game is played on it alone. Call it a tactic is difficult. A more accurate definition would be a recommendation. It is better to play on one set of numbers. This increases the likelihood of success.

Tips for playing the keno lottery

The basic rule when starting any of the web casino machines is to try the demo mode first. The keno lottery is no exception here. Beginners free Keno online will help learn the rules, experienced public – to work out a successful strategy. When moving on to high stakes, it is not advisable to play big at once. It is better to start with small amounts. If you feel your luck is running in your favour, you can gradually or dramatically up the stakes. How exactly you choose is up to you, using your own intuition. The rest of the set of recommendations, contains the following rules of action:

  • use one set of numbers when playing with the system;
  • If you want to win big money, bet high;
  • Have a strong balance in your online casino account, so that the funds are not run out at the beginning of a lucky streak;
  • Do not use systems that have not verified the demo mode;
  • Play only licensed emulators at a casino with a solid reputation.