Jungle Books

The story of the jungle book has already been used in many species. The first book already appeared in 1894 and has since been welcomed and adapted since then with new editions, films and comics. Yggdrasil has placed another monument for the classic of cinema and literature and supplied Online Casinos With a slot called Jungle Books. The slot enchants with a fairytale topic and reminds of “the jungle book” as we know it from Disney. Of course, the game looks fantastic as it is expected from Yggdrasil Gaming. In a mysterious jungle they meet on the bears, boys, tiger, panther and snake.

  • Maximum profit: 250,000 coins
  • RTP: 96,1%
  • up to 68 paylines
  • 5 characters with own features

Jungle Books Online Casinos

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Construction and design

When you open Jungle Books, a high-quality trailer welcomes you, which definitely makes you want more. Not only the trailer impresses with excellent graphics and attention to detail, even the slot itself can be seen in this regard. At the bottom of the screen is always a Jungle Books character, which seems to actually live, because he breathes and moves throughout throughout. Fantasy jungle fruits serve as a profit symbols. There are also the classic card game symbols: Heart, Karo, Cross and Pik. This ensures a certain connection between the jungle topic and the casino world.

At the bottom of the screen, there is also a pretty, small menu by making a lot of settings that are customary in Yggdrasil slots and can view important instructions, for example on the subject of free spins. It is also nice that winning heights are displayed when clicking on the respective symbols in the game.

How to play Jungle Books

Can be played both on the computer and the mobile device. Jungle Books has between 58 and 68 paylines. These can play them per profit line with a minimum of 0.002 up to a maximum set of 2.00. It should be noted that Yggdrasil sets a new technique in this game, which fusion is called Realms. This technique allows mixing of different rolling structures and other features (e.g. Bonus game or paylines) in a single game. Therefore, five different characters can be played in this game, and the gameplay differs significantly, depending on which character is being played straight. Of course this innovative feature ensures a completely new feeling of playing on the slot and thus ensures a great fun. In detail consideration, one concludes that five slots are united in a single slot.

Bonuses and free spins at Jungle Books

Yggdrasil is known as an innovative manufacturer of Slots and has also added some exciting functions in this game that raise the game fun and positively influence the gameplay. Thus, the game offers a number of special symbols that give the player some extras and can provide surprises in each round. For example, creating a wild symbol ensures that super-high-pay symbols can mimic any other symbol. In addition, there are multipliers with factors 2, 3 and 5. These multipliers multiply random gains each of the aforementioned factors. In addition, there is still the Sticky Respin symbol that can unlock a free play, while all winning symbols and wild symbols. Also interesting is the Win-Both-Way symbol, which allows the direction of paylines to be backwards – for you then this means double odds!

Special on Jungle Books

Probably the greatest peculiarity is with this slot the use of fusion realms technology, which combines five different worlds in a single game. Each world has its own home actor, which would be the boy, the bear, the Panther, the snake and the tiger. Each of these characters can also occur in the other worlds as a guest. The main actors are always on the left edge of the screen, while guests are visible on the right side of the screen. Between the individual worlds, the game of the game is changed, so you should experience something from all worlds. This peculiarity is likely to be perceived above all for experienced players as a nice variety, while they may appear a bit complicated for beginners. After a short period of acclimatization, however, this should not be a problem.

Conclusion to Jungle Books

Yggdrasil has done a whole job again and produces a slot of superlatives. Jungle Books will be awake childhood memories and takes us into a crazy jungle world, in which a lot can happen. The developers were able to completely live their creativity here and it was deliberately created something different. The technique of Fusion Realms is so innovative that one must first think. But this is done, but nothing stands in the way of the fun. The many different symbols, the special prices and extras unlock, fit optimally in the overall concept and enable the player Free spells as well as higher profits. All in all, the game is at top level both visually and in terms of content and should not only be well received by fans of history. Try it with coziness!