For Fruitoids, it’s round – Read here what the game of manufacturer Yggdrasil offers what you need to look out for and why the slot is so popular with us from new australian casinos. As the name suggests, this slot takes us into a magical flora full of imaginative fruits and colors. Divided into five rollers and three rows, the player tries as usual with slots as usual to obtain the most profitable combination on the paylines. He is accompanied by a colorful design and stimulating, wonderful music. The game allows many settings to make, so you can make your personal playing pleasure. Among other things, even the speed of the spins can be adjusted, but of course also volume of music and sound effects

  • Manufacturer: Yggdrasil
  • Above-average RTP: 96.7%
  • Maximum use: 150,00 AU$
  • Minimum use: 0,25 AU$

Playing Fruitoids Online

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Construction and design

Fruitoids plays in a natural environment where a plant world full of colorful fantasy fruits is waiting for you. But not only nature lovers are fully on their expense, because the slot is also accompanied by an excellent music in addition to attractive external design. It can be clearly seen how much attention to detail the manufacturers of Yggdrasil have put in this game. Thus, players can even understand the gameplay of the individual rounds directly in the game, so that time-consuming with the customer service of an online casinos may need to take place less frequently and the player can keep a better overview of the game rounds. If you meet three or more symbols on a payline, you will also receive a free game, which in turn more Free spells Unable to unlock if the originally published symbol appears again.

How to play fruitoids

For fruitoids, you can make missions between AU$ 0.25 and AU$ 150.00. Can be played both from your computer and your mobile phone or smartphone. The button, with the game is initiated, is relatively small and is located in the lower area in the middle of the screen. This is advantageous because you do not get into the predominant situation, unintentionally to initiate a round. The screen is clear and simply designed so that you can set your use in no time and keep your balance at a glance. Here can also be seen if a bonus game took place. The slot also offers numerous design options that allow you to customize your gaming pleasure, for example by activating the “space bar”, with which the rounds can then be easily initiated. If you prefer to use the autoplay mode, you can specify exactly in the same menu, according to which specifications should be played.

Bonuses and free spins at Fruitoids

The slot offers the option to unlock bonus rounds. This is done according to the following pattern: As soon as a profit is achieved on a payline, freeze the profitable symbols and it will be played automatically. The profitable symbols remain in their position. Now, when further profitable symbols are achieved on the payline, they also freeze one and another bonus round is initiated. The bonus rounds continue to run until no further profitable symbols are reapplace. This is then the time the profit is paid out. If all symbols of a payline freeze, so no further profitable symbols can be achieved more, the profit will also be paid out. Further bonus rounds will not be unlocked in this case. If profits are achieved on other paylines during a bonus round, these winnings will be paid directly and the game will continue here.

Special on fruitoids

At first glance, fruitoids is like a very beautiful classic, but at a closer look, the details are clearly taking this slot from others. Of course, the enormous high RTP of 96.7% is very important, the chances of winning are impressive in this slot. The innovative possibility of freezing of profitable symbols significantly increases game fun and voltage. In combination with the driving music, a beautiful casino atmosphere comes up here, while of course you will continue to enjoy the comfort of your home.

The high number of 25 paylines also lifts this slot from its competitors and ensures one or the other surprise gain. Last but not least, it is extremely commendable that manufacturers have integrated useful features for the players, such as viewing of played rounds, including use, profit and account stands of each lap.

Conclusion to Fruitoids

Who a clear Slot With innovative aspects and high profit opportunities is looking for this is exactly at its expense. Packed in colorful design, Yggdrasil serves us with fruitoids a solid slot, which is beautiful to look at, accompanied by matching music and also attracts with a high profitability. The structure is kept quite simple with five rollers and three rows.

The high number of paylines and the innovative bonus rounds in the form of the freezing function ensure the right kick and make this slot a very special adventure for the savvy player. It is clear that the manufacturers have made thoughts and understand what players expect from a slot today. Many other slot can safely cut off a slice here. On the fruits, ready, go!