Dolphins Pearl

Dolphin’s Pearl takes you to the depths of the sea and lures the player to an exciting adventure! In this experience report, you can expect extensive information about the slot from Novoline. We introduce the game mechanics and functions and inform you about graphics, sounds as well as profit operations, opportunities and bonuses. The game speaks newcomers and professionals alike. The gaming community around the traditional slot is growing steadily. No wonder so that the slot from Novoline belongs to the most popular gambling genre for new australian casinos. The tradition even ranges back to the offline gambling halls, thanks to Novoline you can now access the game online.

A few important information about the slot at a glance:

  • Manufacturer: Novoline
  • Rollers: 5
  • Gewinnlinien 1-10
  • Bonus game: Yes
  • Competition: 0.40 to 100 AU$

Play Dolphin’s Pearl online

You can play Dolphin’s Pearl in the following online casinos:

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Construction and design

The slot revolves around the fascinating underwater world of the sea. The graphic design of Dolphin’s Pearl is really special, everywhere reflects the sea topic. Anyone who is interested in diving and delighted from the sea will love the game. But even the remaining players are fully at their expense, because thanks to numerous free spins, large odds and pleasant sounds, the slot offers a nice gaming experience for everyone.

The slot is simple and understandable, so that inexperienced luckers have a very easy entry. The lovingly designed symbols of the game adapt completely to the topic: There are cute dolphins, seahorse, fish, skates and much more. Also a coveted shell with pearl is shown, in addition there is still the classic slot symbols such as King, Ass, Bube, 9 and 10.

How to play Dolphin’s Pearl

Dolphin’s Pearl is quite easy to understand and provides easy entry into the gameplay. The controller is uncomplicated and user-friendly, the appealing design underrides this advantage. On the five rolls, the symbols are mapped, the lines are not fixed, but can be determined individually by the player. For example, you can only go to the start with a single payline. The maximum number of lines is 10. The use is also variable, both newcomers and highhollers come here at their expense. You can determine the use in the range of 0.40 to 100 AU$ per roll of rolling. It is completely up to you whether you go to works with little or great risk. In addition, the GAME offers a bonus game and can also be played in addition to the laptop mobile from the smartphone or tablet.

Bonuses and free spins at Dolphin Pearl

Particularly lucrative are the symbols of the seahorse, which distributes the 40-fold round insert on the lines during triple appearance. The ray and the lobster can also provide great profits. Also promising: the aces and kings. Dolphin’s Pearl, however, offers the player, however, a bonus system, which can provide high gains. Although there is no progressive jackpot, but the fun does not suffer from any way. There are several ways to get a win. Especially the bonus round offers high win sums and makes a lot of fun. When at least three scatter symbols appear, the bonus round is activated. It is sufficient if they appear on any position. Through the bonus round 15 free spins are triggered, the profits will then be tripled. In addition, the dolphin icon can replace any other symbol on a payline.

Besonderes an Dolphins Pearl

The game is worth a look especially due to the consistent topic. The underwater world is beautifully worked up in a playful shape, the sounds and graphics are appealing. Thanks to the flexible application possibilities, newcomers can play at a lower risk, while highhollers can go on their whole. This will open up good chances of winning. Also worth mentioning are the lucrative bonus rounds, which provide for free spins and tripling of the profit. Dolphins Pearl is a traditional figurehead of the well-known manufacturer Novoline and makes his name all honor. What was played earlier in old gaming halls now finds a big fan base online. Dolphin’s Pearl thus offers a particularly fun game at a constant topic and high profits. Easy operation and uncomplicated mechanics make the functions and are thus designed to be particularly integrated.

Conclusion to Dolphin Pearl

Dolphin’s Pearl is a slot that can enjoy experienced casino players like newbies alike. There are several ways to win and the game keeps one always motivated. The symbols are lovingly designed and very appealing. Especially fans of the sea will love the slot, the cute animals and pretty graphics invite you to play.

Thanks to the bonus system, steadily clearances can be cleared, which ensure all the greater profits. The regular symbols can also provide large increase in profit at a certain commitment. His commitment can be used fairly depending on his own experience and thus does not run the risk of playing over his level. Thanks to the high popularity, a special is offered for the game in many casinos a special of bonuses and actions that make the GAME even more appealing. If you feel like a fun underwater adventure, the slot is just right!