Deal or NO Deal

The title reminds you of a TV show with suitcases and Moneygirls? That’s little surprising, because Deal or No Deal is actually very close to the television program, in which the participants have to choose the right suitcase that can mean their luck. New Australian Casinos has of course this slot once thoroughly made, also to find out if the original (the TV show) or the copy (the video slot) is better.

To rebel a slot as close as possible to a television show is certainly a challenge. However, this has ended endemol without twitching with the eyelash and released a product that can be at least visually impressive. A short overview:

  • Manufacturer / Developer: Endemol
  • Rollers: 5
  • Gewinnlinien: 20
  • Progressive Jackpot: Yes

Deal Or No Deal online

You can play Deal Or No Deal in the following online casinos:

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Construction and design

The TV format is already known in some countries: tense participants of a show choose from a collection of daily suitcases and there are envelopes with corresponding profits. The Moneygirls come on the game symbols of Deal Or No Deal as well as some other things from the show. These include the wall with the price allowances, the Moneygirls (as silhouettes) as well as the red button. As symbols with deeper profit values, the classics J, Q, K, and A to move to the card values, which are to be the farmers, the lady, the king and the AS from a map deck. Free games in the true sense are looking for vain, but the bonus game around the progressive jackpot makes this shortage – should it be for you – guaranteed again.

How to Play Deal Or No Deal

Unfortunately, this video slot is not available as a mobile version. So you need a computer or laptop and not just a smartphone to participate in this television show that has become a slot machine. Nevertheless, the bonus game of Deal Or No Deal is worth every cent used on used money. When the phone known from the show appears three, four- or five times on your screen, you can enjoy the bonus game. This not only leads to a progressive jackpot, but equal to three, whose amounts are displayed at the top of the game, so they know at any time how much would be at best. The inserts can be selected per game from a very wide range of 0.01 to the proud 200 units of their national currency.

Bonuses and free spins at Deal Or No Deal

The bonus feature that leads to the progressive jackpots is what accounts for this slot. At the same time, this feature is also the part of the slot closest to the TV show of Endemol. In the bonus game, you can choose any money suitcase that contains a certain amount. With every sixth money suitcase, you can end the game if the displayed amount comes into question for you. If you reject all the possibilities, you remain at the end of the choice between the last remaining suitcase and the so-called lucky suitcase. This choice then decides on your profit amount, as well as courageous players also have to decide again in the television program, whether you want to leave the program with the amount offered or to put it in favor of a potentially higher profit to the game.

Besonderes an Deal or NO Deal

The way this slot represents a television program is extremely impressive. Especially in the bonus game, a similar tension arises, which are also likely to experience the candidates and viewers of the respective broadcasts on the TV. The bonus games and free play functions suggest a slightly different way than other, more conventional slot games. For example, if three or more deal-or-no-deal bonus symbols light up, you have the option of selecting two different options: the “Reel Banker” with unlimited free plays where the profits are still doubled, as well as the “banker’s Best Offer “, where you can open up to ten comforts, in which, in turn, certain amounts of money are in place. If you reject all amounts, the amount of tenth suitcase will remain as a profit. Just exciting!

Conclusion to Deal Or No Deal

Packing a foreign concept into a slot machine is always a huge challenge. The atmosphere of an outermost tension of the event from television to reconstruct this way is almost even more difficult. But Deal or No Deal is extremely well suited as a slot. Who plays this slot feels almost like in the studio, except that he or she is not blinded away from the headlight light. Maybe this is better, because so you do not have to share your tension with other people, but can be curious at home on your screen, which happens next. The bonus functions also bring new features in game that you get so more likely to get. Meet a decision – Deal or no deal!