Craps casino is a niche game that not many players know how to play. But once you explore this dynamic and fun game, you’ll see just how much fun it can be. Plus, there are tons of casino sites and mobile apps that offer you the chance to play free online Craps, as well as for real money.

Craps is the most popular Craps game nowadays. Craps is the more popular Craps game nowadays. The role of auxiliary “inventory” dice perform in some bonus rounds reel slots, and other emulators. Dice gameplay is simple, so it is understandable to everyone. Players take turns rolling the dice, and then the number of points is counted. It is the numerical result that determines the winner. Naturally, the dice are found at nearly every online casino.

Craps is one of the most popular and entertaining casino gambling games. The tables are invariably filled with excitement, excited cheers, loud commands from the dealer and the most unusual of phrases, attracting visitors.

With the development of internet gambling, craps also appeared on web gambling portals, which boosted its popularity and made it available to users around the world.

Craps Attractions 

What attracts customers to play Craps online? It has a number of unquestionable advantages:

  • An exciting gameplay experience;
  • The ability to reduce the advantage of any casino to a minimum;
  • Variety of types of bets;
  • Direct user participation in the gameplay;
  • Large payouts on individual bets;
  • The presence of numerous strategies;
  • A wide range of bets.

Craps provides a unique experience that cannot be found in any other casino game. You should certainly become familiar with it, so you can get a feel for it and decide whether it’s for you.

The basic rules of craps 

In a real casino, the dice are rolled by the players in succession. The online version relies on a random number generator to determine the winning combination.

Explaining the rules of Craps online gambling in a nutshell is hardly possible. For starters, you will need to understand the key steps:

  • Come Out Roll;
  • Point Roll.

Come Out Roll is the first stage where the point is determined. This can be any number rolled on the dice, except twos, threes, sevens, eleven and twelve. Such a number will be drawn at the Point Roll stage, where unlimited rounds are held.

The Point Roll game ends when the number of Point or marks in the game dice equals seven.

They are fairly straightforward, and you don’t need any special skills. You can then explore other aspects of the game process.


How to Learn Craps 

For a new player, the rules of the game of craps may seem daunting at first. Many are afraid to even step up to the table, which can lead to lack of enjoyment. The Best online craps casino offers a unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of craps, without having to risk any money or risk appearing ridiculous.

Betting during a game

Different types of bets are available at different stages of the game. For example, during Come Out Roll the player can place chips on the fields:

  • Pass Line – the bet wins if the roll results in a total of seven or eleven;
  • Don’t Pass Line – the bet wins if the combination on the dice is two, three or twelve.

If the above numbers are rolled, the bet wins or loses and the Come Out Roll phase is replayed. If the sum on the dice is equal to any other number, the Point is determined and the game proceeds to the next stage.

There is no limit to the number of rolls at the Point Roll stage. The game continues until the roll is equal to a Point or seven. In this case the bets made on the Come Out Roll stage are saved. If a seven is rolled in the second leg, the Pass Line bet loses and the Don’t Pass Line bet wins at a 1:1 ratio. If a Point is rolled, the Don’t Pass Line loses, and the Pass Line accordingly pays 1:1. During this phase a variety of bets are available with a long-term perspective.

Assigning new and additional bets increases the chance of winning a roulette-like reward. Various clarifying parameters and the ability to place chips on fields with opposite values at the same time – increases the likelihood of winning.

Craps Strategy

In order to bet successfully, it is important to use an online Craps strategy. You should be guided by the frequency with which you hit certain combinations. Unlike roulette, you can not rely on the nearest statistics, but on the general data established for combinations of two dice:

  • combinations forming sevens fall with a probability of 6:36;
  • sixes and eights – 5:36;
  • fives and nines – 4:36;
  • fours and tens 3:36;
  • three and eleven: 2:36;
  • two and twelve: 1:36.

Given the probability of a particular sum forming, it is possible to place more or less safe and accurate bets. The winnings for such combinations will be less, but the probability of getting the reward is greater.

Craps at mobile online casinos 

Nowadays, online casino users who prefer to play gambling on smartphones and tablets can enjoy numerous versions of craps on their gadgets. Renowned software providers have adapted their models for this format.

In most cases, mobile online craps does not need to be downloaded and installed on the smartphone, but can simply be played in the browser.

You can also play with real croupiers at online casino Craps real money. Free mode in “live” online casinos is rare.

Craps varieties

There are several varieties of craps. These options differ in the layout of the table and the betting options.

Craps with a Bank

Craps with a Bank (Las Vegas Craps) is a game in which a portion of your bets goes to the casino. This is done by having boxes marked with your entry fee on the gaming table. There is always a croupier at the gaming table. He gives out winnings on bets and takes away chips in case a player loses. Competitors can choose to play against either themselves or against the casino.

New York Craps

New York Craps does not differ much from Banker’s Craps. The only fundamental difference is the high casino odds. With this form of online casino entertainment, regardless of whether the contestant wins or loses the bet, the casino takes a five percent payout.

Open Craps

Open or Money Craps – The peculiarity with this style of craps is that you can wager not only with the shooter, but with each other. There is a whole list of additional bets that can be wagered against the player. Those bets which are not allowed between competitors can be placed at the bookmaker for an additional fee. 

Simplified Craps

Simplified craps is a good option for beginners. It also features a table with betting boxes. However, the number of sectors available is considerably reduced. To play Simplified Craps, simply remember a simple rule: Bets placed on numbers two through four and ten through twelve win. All numbers in between lead to a loss.