Casino games list

A very crucial quality feature is in online casinos the Spielelobby. We recommend the providers with the best games, based on some core features:

  • Popular slots, best payout quotas
  • Impact-filled lobby with many big jackpots
  • Online slot machines from the playbotheque
  • Live Roulette and Live Blackjack: Real Dealer

List: online casino playing 2023

Here is a current list of trusted websites where you can safely play online:

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You know the temptation according to the fast big money. In the casino, this dream can come true, but it takes a reason for happiness and, on the other hand, a certain endurance. Nothing comes so fast either. We introduce you to some of the best and most popular casino games that you can find on the net. With us you will also find a detailed list of casino play.

  • Are the games of trusted providers?
  • Are the casinos in which the games are offered serious?
  • Which games have the lowest house advantage?
  • Are the games available only with real money or for practicing as free games?

In addition to the safety-relevant aspects, of course, the fun should never come too short. That’s why we looked at some slot games with very exciting theme worlds. These come from different genres, such as history, from the music or often also from known films. Add to this the other games that are in Casinos each on offer. These include the classic table games like blackjack and the different varieties roulette. Another way to entertain in the casino and record profits is poker, which is also played in many different variants.

Game variants

Slot machines – Slots online

The alternative name one-armed bandit have received these machine games because of its striking appearance with the trigger case on the side. They draw on the arm and the slot machine pulls them the money out of his pocket. Just as in a real casino you will find the slot machines in the common online casinos equal rows, of numerous different providers and with all sorts more or less colorful backgrounds. Compared to a real casino, the winning opportunities and the jackpot sums are even a little higher. All slots offered by analogous to a casino can now also be displayed digitally – and only with numerous extras that would not be possible in the right casino.

Just as well as all slots nowadays build on more than just the combinations of three or more same symbols. Your experience will be continuously enriched by ways to increase your winnings and, above all, bring a lot of variety into play. Popular include:

  • Free games as a loyalty bonus
  • Gamble functions for increasing winning
  • Jackpots to win more than just a slot

For a casino games list in the online casino, in the area of slot machines, not only the number of titles is crucial. Important is important to us when assessing an online casinos that the game selection is tailored to Australia. We expect vending machines from the game room in a really good game collection.

Even bonus for slots is always welcome. In the List up on this page we have selected the best deals for you.

Table games

In addition to the slot machines, it is the gaming tables that enjoy enormous importance in the casino. While the machines are a rather younger phenomenon, the gaming tables have been part of the product range of a casino since the earliest beginnings. Often a set of cards or a cube is sufficient to organize a game that the guests pull around into the spell.

Play roulette online

One of the highest games offered in casinos is roulette. Historically, two different variants have grown, which are not so much different. There is a French and an American variant that differs only easily through the number of fields. The possibilities that offer the electronics and the Internet have also led that many other variants, with further modes of the game can be provided. Each casino is waiting with its own wide selection of classic and rather unusual roulette varieties.

Play blackjack online

As with the slots and roulette, the blackjack also applies the motto that so much more possible in the electronic world. You can easily play blackjack with a live croupier, which divides the cards in front of a camera. In addition, they can also play purely electronic variants, which in turn are enriched with special game modes and advanced profit opportunities.

More games on the internet

Slots, roulette and blackjack are not all that casinos on the internet have to offer to play. In several casinos you will find poker games where you either compete live against other players on the internet or just play against the bank. Other, perhaps a little widespread card games such as Baccarat are also partially found in online casinos. The random generators developed for the casinos also enabled it to offer dice games and even rubbellosis virtually.

Serious provider

At the games for real money, it really works around that – it’s about your own, hard-earned money. If you play with money, you should not compromise. Serious providers can be recognized on the one hand to certain certificates confirming that security is always guaranteed and checked continuously. On the other hand, the large casinos only rely on goods that were tested in detail and was well found because otherwise massive trouble could stand into the house.

License and experiences

Of course, it comes primarily to the gambling license. We recommend only online casinos with a relevant approval. Only so is ensured that the games are really fair.

In addition, we are well connected in the gambling scene and can say which provider has a good reputation. The experiences of other players are valuable information that we constantly process in the test procedure.

Only then can we recommend our readers the best and safest suppliers with the biggest game collections.

Practice creates masters

As mentioned above: nothing comes from nothing. So that you understand how a game works, it is often not enough to just trust your own sense of sudden happiness. So that they do not lose too much money with a game that they simply can not control yet, the respective demo versions are recommended. You play with a stick made of play money and can get to know the subtleties of the respective games without having to access their own wallet. To familiarize yourself with the respective circumstances, is very important, because otherwise she may come to a mistake expensive to stand. Have read a statement can be helpful once, but have seen the whole thing with your own eyes is still the best exercise that there is.

These casino games are recommended

We now show you some games that are especially recommended. This may be because they are simply popular or that they have features and attractions that they can not find so elsewhere. So that you do not lose the overview here, the grouping is again the same as above. So you will find the slots first, then the table games like roulette and blackjack, and most recently the other games from the world of casinos on the internet.

Recommended slots

The arguments that speak for slots on the Internet instead of the casino are quite clear. Not for nothing, slots in all casinos on the internet are by far the most used game offers. This speaks:

  • that they are bound to no opening hours
  • that you can play at much more vending machines than in the casino
  • that you can benefit online from much higher gains

Many of the best slot machines on the Internet come from a few developers who are almost consistently in the largest casinos. These include, for example, Net Entertainment (Netent), Play ‘N Go, Quickfire (by Microgaming) and Williams Interactive.

Note on the edge: The highest earnings from an online slot was almost 18 million euros and was achieved with the Slot Mega Fortune by Netent.

Noteworthy are also the respective earnings rates for the slots on the Internet. At Slots, the RTP (Return to Player) is the speech. This quota is usually 60% in a casino, as there is the legal limits that must be kept at least. On the Internet, the expenses of the operators are a lot lower. More players can take a supply at the same time. That’s why RTP quotas are 95% or more on the Internet.

Recommended online table games

Roughly, the table games can be different between two categories: The one is completely played over the Internet and have a fully artificial user interface. Others, in turn, contain a direct transmission over the Internet at which a croupier is to be seen, which performs the game before running camera. In doing so, enter your input as usage and color choice and the croupier then brings, for example, the ball in roulette to roll. So you have on your computer or on your mobile device a gaming atmosphere almost as in real casino.

Tips for roulette online

One of the oldest forms of gambling practiced in the casino is roulette. The originally created game consists of a ball to roll in a rotating shell on that field that you have selected. The name “roulette” goes back to the wheel that was used at the time. After all, most roulette wheels are not that big as you would always think. The roulette on the Internet is there for you also to pay attention to some things:

  • Does your casino offer many variants of roulette games?
  • Can Roulette possibly also be played on your mobile terminals (tablet, smartphone)?
  • Can you use the bonuses obtained for roulette?

These are only three criteria that you can use for the assessment of roulette games on the Internet. Depending on what is important to you, there can of course be more, individual, criteria. On the basis of these criteria, you can choose your roulette casino carefully and do not run the risk of having to make a bad experience in the first best casino of your choice.

Tips for blackjack online

Just select the first-best casino and start it on what the stuff holds? No! Take a little time in choosing the right casino, because you really do not just want to have fast money, but also fun at the game. Therefore, you should consider thoroughly what your casino should have to offer before you put your own money on blackjack on the game. Pay attention to the widest possible selection of game variants, the possibilities when using bonuses and the suitability of the respective games for mobile devices. It may be that you want to spend your time with a little blackjack on the way. Then a corridor in the online casino would just be right.

Blackjack is one of those games that are offered online in two different ways. On the one hand, there is the fully artificial user interface, where you are only connected to a computer as a player, over which the entire game is handled. On the other hand, there are blackjack games where you can see a croupier on the internet, which distributes the cards and performs the wishes of the participants. So you can play blackjack from everywhere, almost like in the right casino.

More games in online casinos

Of course, slots, blackjack and roulette are sometimes the most common games in the online casinos. But often there is more to discover and maybe you also want to get a change on a variety after a while with the same game. It offers specifically card games like poker or baccarat. If it is not too complicated and rather fast-fit, then dice games or scrapbles in virtual form are offered for you. Thanks to the further developed random generators, such players are now online possible, even if the latter is not mandatory for the typical offer in a casino.

House advantage and payout rate

These two terms are directly connected. The house advantage is the quota that the casino is definitely retaining for the cost of the offers can also be covered. These costs include wages for the staff as well as the amounts that need to be issued for the infrastructure with which an online casino works. Straight bets often have the effect that the house advantage is very high, which can speak literally in very bad cards for them. Mathematically, the house advantage is the difference from the added inserts that they afford and win the profits they can regularly. Mostly the house advantage is given in percent. His counterpart is the payout rate that is often abbreviated in English as RTP (Return to Player). For numerous slots in online casinos, the RTP rate is given to represent how many times you are likely to reckon with profits. However, these calculated and specified by the casinos are always reliable only for a long time.

Volatility and chance

What often not specified in a casino games list are two properties that are of great importance: volatility and maximum possible profit. If a slot is very volatile, that means that he rather rarely pays profits, but if, then usually a very high sum. While games with low volatility, however, the profits are evenly distributed, but mostly rather low.

The highest possible single gain in a game is of course an interesting detail. Especially with progressive jackpot playing the height of the jackpot can play a weighty role. Some casino professionals even specialize in jackpot games and wait with gaming until the winning sum exceeds a certain value. Then playing is especially paying off.

FULL PAY DECES is a game of the best games under consideration of the house advantage. With the optimal course of the game you can always win. However, this game is a bit demanding and requires a little practice. In addition, it is not too easy to find in online casinos. About no house advantage also has poker, because they do not play against the house, but only against the other players on (virtual) table. Only a small contribution to the cost of the casino is due.

New slot machines 2023

The year 2021 is characterized by large changes in the game blocks of the online casinos. Jackpots games are even more popular and in the live casinos expect many new table games and game shows. But even with the slot machines there will be much to discover. New slots are, for example, Starfang and Sevens & Books.

Also games with Megaways are still pretty popular in the new year, there are some new releases. Another topic is the return of Merkur-Slots and Novoline’s online casinos games.