Bonanza takes us into a world full of hidden treasures and invites us to detect Ebendies, so as to get big profits. Many new australian casinos have this slot in their assortment and we can understand why. The manufacturer Big Time Gaming has opted for this slot for a kind of Western theme, which accompanies the player with the appropriate picture and sound on the treasure hunt. Between wooden hut and waterfall, six rollers of four rows turn into Wild Country music – you feel practically like a real gold search!

Learn here, which characteristics of the manufacturers have come up with and what they should definitely pay attention to get the most out of their game.

  • Hersteller: Big Time Gaming
  • Construction: Six rollers / four rows
  • RTP: 96%
  • Special features: Scatter and wild symbols, megaways, free spins

Bonanza Slot online

You can play Bonanza Slot in the following online casinos:

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Construction and design

You are a fan of Western movies? Then you are in the middle of Bonanza! The manufacturer here combines some Western elements sent to an atmospheric slot. Between wooden hut and waterwheel, the player goes with every turn on treasure hunt in a gold mine. Of course, the stylish trolley may not be missing here, he helps to mount the treasures from the mine. A classic country music accompanies the player with every turn and completes the game image in this way.

Even with the symbols, the manufacturer of the selected line remains loyal and so await gold bars, diamonds and dynamite sticks. These symbols are not only chosen properly, but give them big gains and even free spins in the appropriate combination. Incidentally, the clarity and intuitive design of the slot is to praise. Each option and any hint that the player may need is quickly found.

How to Play Slot Bonanza

As usual in most slots, it can also be selected with Bonanza between autoplay function and conventional playing style. The inserts per turn can set the player between 0.2 AU$ and 20 AU$. The regular symbols that are located on the rolls and enable a profit are supplemented by the roller car indicated by rollers, which add an additional symbol to the roller over which the respective trolley is located. This increases the winning opportunities and thus contributes to the high RTP of 96%. In addition, there is the possibility to gain free games by creating four gold symbols (scatter symbols). In addition, the wild symbol in the form of dynamite rods can be mentioned, which can imitate each other symbol, apart from a scatter symbol. The ability to unlock a bonus game is unfortunately not available.

Bonuses and free spins at Slot Bonanza

If the sympathetic wild-west slot with an RTP of 96% promises purely mathematically high chances of winning, the manufacturer Big Time Gaming has not to be taken to install an option for free spins in the game. So the player gets twelve free games when he plays the corresponding four gold symbols. As Bonanza is an extremely popular slot, one can also hope that online casinos that have the slot in the program occasionally perform actions where free spells or bonuses are granted for this slot. It is particularly smart if you inform yourself before making a deposit whether you may be able to get a bonus or free spells for the deposit made. Often, casinos provide corresponding possibilities so that the fun can be increased to you.

Special on Slot Bonanza

Even though the slot actually creates a breathtaking atmosphere, and no wishes is not to be desired for Western fans, this is not the best thing about the slot. Of course, we want to achieve as many and highest possible gains in the end as possible. Statistically, Bonanza exceeds many competitors here and promises a theoretical RTP of 96%, which means high odds in plain text.

Especially beautiful are the many ways to actually get these profits in the game. On the one hand, of course, the regular symbols and paylines are to be called here. However, these are still supplemented by a whole series of extra symbols as well as the roller car over the rolls. Also, the possibility to unlock twelve free spins with a single turn is tempting and drives the game fun significantly in height.

Conclusion to Slot Bonanza

With Bonanza, Big Time Gaming provides a very well thought-out slot with Western theme, innovative profit opportunities, high odds and clear layout. All in all, this makes the game interesting not only for hard-minded Western fans, but also for any other player looking for a slot in which actually good gains can be achieved. The treasure hunt in the Western look makes fun when you fully dip into the atmosphere and grab the built-in features. Who is looking for action, can be drifted from the country music and who rather longs for rest, can make appropriate settings and turn off the sound – because then a relaxing, peaceful backdrop that allows the player to turn off and turn off Hopefully high profits to be happy.