Blazing Star

For the fans of slot machines – especially in the virtual format – the blazing star is a real classic. The slot moves in a simple way the existing symbols at the center and is largely dispensing with any frills such as bonus games or free spins, so the classic automatic action is in the foreground. Instead, it is really easy to let the rolls turn the rolls in the real casino, and then dust a nice gain.

New Australian Casinos has once looked more closely for you this slot, as it is also worthwhile to see a little more thorough under the surface. What acts on the surface simply does not necessarily have to be boring.

  • Manufacturer: Merkur Gaming
  • RTP: 96.31%
  • Rollers: 5
  • Gewinnlinien: 5

Play Blazing Star online

You can play Blazing Star in the following online casinos:

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Construction and design

The title is a homage to a hot and particularly bright star in the universe – of course it’s about our sun. This also dominates the background of the game. Your device will not melt not melt, but before sheer bright yellow is hardly anything else to see in the background. On the rollers, the sun also occurs and, of course, plays the main role in the form of the most valuable symbol that can bring you the hundred times your mission. One can not be one of the sun: Freels Look at Blazing Star namely in vain. Other functions can not unlock them – because they simply do not exist. The other symbols are also kept quite classic. These include the good old casino classics such as all sorts of fruits: grapes, watermelons, lemons, plums, oranges or cherries.

How to play Blazing Star

Before you start with the game, you must be aware of how high its use is to be per round. You can choose between 0.05 and 10.00 in the respective currency. The maximum profit is 100 times your mission. This will be paid if only solar symbols appear on one of the five paylines.

As very traditional and without specialties, Blazing Star is only available for desktop computer. So if you want to play the game on your tablet or on your phone, this slot is unfortunately not suitable for you. Also, the game also renounces complicated features like a bonus game that can be found in many modern slot machines. But a highlight are the five burning sunlies. If you receive them on one of the five paylines, then high gains are waiting.

Bonuses and free spins at Blazing Star

While several other casino games and of course just numerous online slots with free games and crazy bonus features to convince, Blazing Star is characterized by a simplicity that In today’s online casinos Herqual addiction. What in the mechanical slots in the past had pure technical or spatial reasons, this time, however, is difficult to explain. Thus, however, the game is reduced to the absolutely essential: it simply only is to achieve as many same symbols next to each other on a line. Another appeal that makes every round exciting is the gamble feature with which you can further increase every win. You have two options – the card gamble, where you need to guess the right color of the next card or the ladder gamble, which deals with fruit.

Besonderes an Blazing Star

Especially pleasant at Blazing Star is that no complicated operations or features are to be expected. The game is so easy to suggest that it could come from a long ago. So it is suitable for nostalgics as well as for inexperienced players, because the game is easy to understand. You do not need a long time until you have the course internalized and can quickly focus on the essentials: to win. Since there are no bonus or free play functions at all, with the exception of the two gamble variants, which could guarantee one or more major profits in a relatively short period of time, the rounds are rather quiet. The maximum profit is also at exactly 100 times your mission. With this slot, they decide for a solid game in which despite the simplicity with a little lucky decent profits wait.

Conclusion to Blazing Star

If you should be a practiced player of online slots and should have already dealt with the numbers of these games, they recognize quite fast that Blazing Star is not a game for quick profits. Rather, the game is very simple for today’s circumstances. The RTP value of 96.31% reveals that still reasonable profits can be achieved. For this purpose, however, a lot of patience is needed, as the individual win sums are not too high. You can then make a difference if you try to increase a gain with the help of the gamble function – even if there is naturally caution, because even very quickly achieved profits can be lost. If you like your slot uncomplicated and easy, let the rollers like to dance for you for you in this game!