Black Ice

Not afraid, there is no danger that your computer will soon be freezing just because you play this exciting video solder in the network. Rather, it is about properly hot entertainment directly from the Antarctic, which can also bring you good gains.

New Australian Casinos has signed extra for you a way through the dark ice, so you learn what to expect it down there. In the first place appreciable is certainly that every win is rewarded with a free play in this game. So you will receive the opportunity again with every profit to get another profit. In this review, you will learn everything important to Black Ice.

  • Manufacturer / Developer: Realistic Games
  • Rollers: 5
  • Gewinnlinien: 10
  • RTP: 95,06%
  • Free games: yes

Play Black Ice Online

You can play Black ICE in the following online casinos:

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Construction and design

It’s definitely time to break the ice and to look for good win. This slot takes you to the eternal ice cream of the Arctic, the Antarctic or maybe somewhere on a glacier in the Alps. Where the journey leads exactly, should be up to you. It is safe that you are in an ice cave, at the exit is a lake, which is always visible in the background for the player. The symbols on the rolling of Black ICE are all different colored gems. Of these, the white gemstone is the most important thing for you, as it can bring a certain number of free spins as a wild symbol. They can also get them on a different way, as every win is additionally rewarded with free spots.

How to play Black Ice

This game is only available through the browser on your desktop computer. The idea of living in the cold environment of an icy cave also the last percent of the battery in the smartphone was apparently clearly too much of the good for the developers. But that should not reduce her fun. This comes with Black ICE in a wide range of possible money missions. You can freely select the use between 0.20 and 1000 in your respective currency. So that it is worth it right, you also expect a very good bonus game. This consists of free plays in this game, which can run ongoing – as long as further wild symbols (the already mentioned white gems) appear on the rollers. Partly even normal symbols are simply replaced by wilds.

Bonuses and free spins at Black Ice

For the really big winnings it needs black ice a cool head, cold blood in the veins – and lots of wild symbols on the rollers. The white gems are the key to success here. So that you can recognize it better (there are only six different symbols, but ultimately all symbols are gems), the wild symbol is also provided with a corresponding lettering in different colors. Every win, all symbols of the corresponding combination become wild. You will receive a free play. This process can in principle repeat infinitely long, so that your profit sum is increasingly growing. The process always stops, if no profit combinations appear on the rollers. So that this does not happen too fast, but there are a lot of wilds on the rollers.

Besonderes an Black Ice

You might think a slot game with a total of only six different symbols on the rollers could be really boring, as simply the variety is missing. But this is far missed. Precisely because there are not as many symbols as with other slots, much more often creates combinations that can be extremely worthwhile for them.

That every profit is sweetened with free spots is anything but a matter of course. Specifically, it is also that you can get to an upward spiral that allows you to attach several more profits after a first profit. Metaphorically expressed, one could say that this game is really worthwhile if you have broken the ice until the first win. From that moment on, it is often difficult to estimate how long the lucky strap stops.

Conclusion to Black Ice

If you are looking for the game for the first time, you could easily think that you have to do it with ice cubes instead of colored gemstones. But quite a monoton as the first impression can be expected, the game is definitely not. Black ICE has the peculiarity that once you have achieved a first profit, countless more can follow because every win is rewarded with a free game. What happens there, we probably do not need to explain further. The graphics are very appealing, even if it gets a bit fresh around the eyes at the sight of so much ice. Thanks to the numerous profits about the free play function, however, it should be ensured that it will not be cold for your fingers.