New Betting Providers Comparison & Bonus

New betting providers with bonus are there many in Australia, but not all are really good. We made the big betting provider compared and the best online betting providers selected in 2023.

  •  Sports betting provider with the best betting program
  •  High quotas and fast payout
  •  Good area with live betting
  •  Welcome bonus to welcome

New Betting Providers Comparison Ranking: Best Betting Provider 2023

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Our criteria in the evaluation of sports betting websites

A good website for sports betting from a less good to distinguishes is not that easy. In order to carry out a meaningful betting provider comparison, you have to have some expertise. Of course, certain things like the sports betting bonus stand out.

To really recommend a website with sporty betting as one of the best, you have to pay attention to many factors. Among other things, the following points flow into the respective review in our tests:

  • Welcome bonus for new players
  • Loyalty program, Reload bonus and special promotions
  • Sports betting web page for mobile phones and mobile devices
  • The betting offer and the betting odds
  • The cash area
  • The reliability of the operator

Welcome bonus for new players

If you register a player account with a betting provider, you usually do not have to go out empty. Almost all sports betting sites offer new players a bonus to welcome.

Mostly it is a deposit bonus. Often, the provider doubles our first deposit up to a certain maximum amount. The more we deposit in the player account, the higher our bonus is off.

When determining the best sports betting bonus, however, the amount of bonus habitation is not of importance. The terms of sales also influence the chance of winning, because the lower and fairer the sales requirements are prior to a possible payment, the higher the likelihood of bringing profits.

Even after hooks in the bonus conditions you should always look out. We have a lot of experience to analyze sports betting bonus and can give good tips on fulfilling the free delivery conditions.

We listed the best sports betting bonus here.

Loyalty program, Reload bonus and special promotions

You would like to make an offer in the sports betting not only as a new player. For the best betting providers you can take a bonus over and over again and long-term.

This is going on at the deposit bonus and free betting that you get offered again and again with some sports betting providers. Also loyalty programs such as shops that can be used to exchange collected VIP points in bonus are becoming increasingly popular. Finally, as a player, we can take a whole series of special promotions.

Whether money back at a scoreless football match, improved quotas or the refund of a station wager: The offers of the websites are manifold.

Sports betting web page for mobile phones and mobile devices

It should be a matter of course these days: we would like to give a bet anytime, anywhere. If we look a football match in the pub, with friends or in the stadium, then the live betting odds must be available at any time. We can not take our laptop, so the smartphone has to serve.

Not only the betting output must be easy to find and go fast. Also deposits as well as the lifting of profits should work smoothly at any time. Most online betts have thought of the mobile desires of the players and bring sports betting on the smartphone.

The best betting serviceer 2021 usually has a mobile website in the browser that works really well. Some providers provide a free app download for sports betting. Whether app or browser: Only with the best mobile betting offers is far up in our ranking.

The betting offer and the betting odds

Of course, the betting provider comparison is crucial to the games offered as well as the quota key.

On the one hand, we wish a big wealth of bets and a wide range of pallets. We want to choose from many games, whether before the match or live. Australian football, best to down in the amateur area, international football, also basketball we wish. At the tennis not only ATP and WTA, but also Challenger and Future tournaments. Mixed Martial Arts and also political and show events should be eligible.

But not only the number of games we can bet is crucial. The offer of the betting markets on the respective games is important: Handicap bets, map bets, scorers and corners, we demand a really large selection from the best betting provider.

Of course, the betting odds must be right. Because the higher the odds, the more you will win as a player. We capture all statistics and let you incorporate into our rating.

The cash area

The area with the deposits and disbursements is often underestimated, while there is a significant role. Not only the payment methods offered are important, we always check a further thing: whether you can use all payment methods free of charge and without charges.

In addition, it is of course important that our profits will be paid quickly and reliably from the player account. If we lift profits, we do not want to wait for days until the transaction is running. The own information on the paying period of the sports betting sites we check again and again on the basis of own payout tests.

The reliability of a wart provider

When gambling on the Internet, you should always make sure that you are entrusted to a reputable operator. We are not only excellently networked in the gambling scene, but also know the fine differences in the topic regulation. So we can always classify new betting providers well.

We always pay attention to that a provider not only has a good reputation. The website must also be subject to decent regulation. Only who has a high-quality sports betting license gets a good note from us.

Conclusion to the best betting providers

We think that our small excursus in the evaluation practices offers our readers a real added value. We want to be transparent and explain users to how a good rating of sports betting providers comes about.

Our experts have developed a good look for these many details over the years, and we can professionally evaluate data. Whether it’s about the bonus for new players, the games offered, the betting odds or even the terms and conditions: our trained eyes avoids no strength and no weakness of a sports betting website.

Of course, a ranking is not for eternity. In the betting provider comparison, it always comes to shifts in the places. The information is constantly updated. With their experiences with certain websites, you can help us always have the most honest and most accurate ranking: The best betting provider 2021 should finally be our test winner.



For sports betting on the Internet, the vast majority providers are serious and reliable. However, there are occasionally black sheep, which, for example, have doubtful clauses in the terms and conditions or pay off only delayed. We have taken and evaluated all available test reports and experiences. We also make sure that a gambling website is seriously regulated and has a license.

For many providers you can track selected games via live stream as a video and can then specifically deliver a bet on the running game. This service is available for some football games as well as tennis matches. If a wart provider offers such a stream, then it will flow into our review.

When you give a bet, you have to wait for only a few providers today until the games are actually played. Often, you can use its bet at any time against a certain amount and discontinue the payment immediately. So we are flexible at any time. The amount of the amount to the AUSCASHEN is based on how likely our bet wins or loses.