88 Fortunes

With 88 Fortunes, SG Interactive brings an Asian-smoked slot to the market that can be seen and come in the classic pattern with five rollers and three rows. Here everything is really tuned to Asia and for this reason, especially (but not exclusively) players are at their expense, the Asian culture value and perhaps already paid one or the other visit to the Far East.

If you try new australian casinos and stumble over this slot, of course, it is optimal if you already know in advance what exactly there is to be considered. Here you can therefore give yourself an accurate overview of whether this slot could not be something for you

  • Manufacturer: SG Interactive
  • Construction: five rollers / three rows
  • Themes: Asia
  • Number of profit facilities: 243
  • Free games: yes

88 Fortunes Online Casinos

You can play 88 Fortunes in the following online casinos:

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Construction and design

At 88 Fortunes, SG Interactive has apparently obtained its inspiration from the Far East and used by A to Z symbols, styles and music. This results in a very handsome overall picture, which presents a classic slot with five rollers on three rows. In addition to numbers and letters, they meet many oriental symbols, such as gongs, turtles, ships or asian symbols.

The buttons for initiating a round, calling the options and opening the game instructions are gold colors, which matches prima in the overall picture, but at first glance can act a little confusing as the color in the design often returns. There is also the opportunity to win free games in addition to the regular gains and even have a progressive jackpot called Fu-Bat Jackpot.

How to Play Slot 88 Fortunes

At 88 Fortunes you can first select before the start of the game, with how many gold symbols you want to play. You can choose between one and five gold symbols. Then you can set the use. The minimum feed per game is 0.01 and the maximum set 1.00. This results in differently high overall missions, depending on the settings that you have made with regard to the number of gold symbols. On the rollers 2, 3 and 4, there is the so-called FU-BAT symbol, which can stand as an imitate for all other symbols. The FU-BAT icon also initiates the chance of the FU-BAT jackpot that can be recovered in a bonus game. Another special feature is the unlocking of free plays. These take place when at least three gong symbols appear in a row, starting from the left edge of the screen.

Bonuses and free spins at Slot 88 Fortunes

SG Interactive has come up with a few creative concepts that make up the innovation capacity of the slots and thus provide a lot of fun playing. On the one hand, of course, the FU-BAT jackpot would be. To get this, you must first play a FU-BAT symbol. Here you can unlock the function of the FUT-BAT jackpot and then displayed from twelve lucky coins to three same FU babies. Overall, there are four different FU babies, each of which stands for another level of the jackpot. In addition, there is also the opportunity to get free spells. For this purpose, it is necessary to achieve at least three gong symbols on adjacent rollers. It must be noted that the free spins are played on separate rollers and not on the regular rollers. Incidentally, during the free spells, the FU-BAT jackpot can be cracked.

Special at 88 Fortunes

In 88 Fortunes, oriental design meet and innovative profit opportunities meet. This results in a unique slot that knows the player both fun and tension. The a total of 243 profit opportunities can be seen and an RTP of around 96% suggests that they will earn a profit from purely statistical perspective sooner or later.

Opportunities to unlock free games or even crack the jackpot, round off the slot from SG Interactive. The music is reminiscent of those who are often played in Chinese restaurants and shows that the developers have given themselves special effort when creating and designing the overall concept. Overall, this slot is well worth it to be played once for the exest. Especially of course, if you have a fible for Asia.

Conclusion to Slot 88 Fortunes

We have to do it here at first glance extremely classic slot. 88 Fortunes comes in a beautiful robe and traditional number of rollers and rows. But you quickly realize that this slot has innovative aspects, which sweeten not only the fun, but can generate proper profits.

If you are looking for something tension and risk, this slot could be just right, regardless of whether one is an Asia fan or nfot. Since both free spins and a progressive jackpot wave, friends of casino slots can also enjoy themselves without Asia previous knowledge in this slot. If you are still unsure, whether this slot is right for you, we previously recommend the rage of a fortune cookie!