7 Sins

For 7 sins, it is an exciting new slot of the well-known manufacturer PLAY’N GO, which now has both old and new australian casinos on offer. Here, the seven deadly sins show themselves from a completely new page and give them numerous lucrative profits, because this slot has increased the number of paylines enormously. Also, you can expect an extremely attractive game here, because the deadly sins themselves are presented in the form of beautiful women who adorn the rollers.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about this entertaining slot and how it is built. We have some interesting facts here for you at a glance:

  • High quality software and graphics of the well-known manufacturer Play’n Go
  • A total of 243 paylines
  • Exciting features like the Second Chance function
  • Free games with additional multipliers

7 Sins Online Casinos

You can play 7 sins in the following online casinos:

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Construction and design

Who plays the slot 7 sins for the first time, will no doubt first notice the beautiful design that makes the slot very appealing. The general layout of the slot is kept simple and yet of very high quality. In particular, the graphics of beautiful ladies embodying the seven deadly sins are imaginative and expensive. These seven women are not only nice to look at, they are also the most important symbols in this exciting slot, because they can bring them high profits and other extras, such as free spins. Matching the chic ladies are the remaining symbols around map symbols such as PIK, heart, check and cross, which offer lower payouts. The entire game is classically and elegantly held and conveys a sinful atmosphere.

How to play 7 sins

The new slot 7 sins is kept simple and classic and offers five rollers with three rows. Winning combinations can be formed over 243 paylines, which makes the slot from many predecessors of the manufacturer PLAY’N Go. However, the value of these combinations will be strongly influenced by the player, because this game offers a huge range of applications from 0.01 to 100 AU$. Anyone who uses the maximum bet here has the chance to catch up with huge profits.

Although there is no bonus game at this slot, but you can expect many other interesting features that provide a lot of variety. For example, you can look forward to the chance of free spells, as well as a second-chance feature, which gives you additional possibilities for free spins and extra spirits.

Bonuses and free spins at 7 sins

One thing is for 7 sins: here is no case bored, because there is a lot of variety and fun. For example, you can look forward to free spells that you can use to trigger three scatter symbols that occur in the form of Pandoras Box. But with the slot, you will receive more features, because even with only two scatter symbols you can trigger free spins. This is possible by the Second Chance option. If only two Scatter symbols appear on the rollers, you will receive the ability to select one of the deadlines. The corresponding lady will then either reveal the desired free spells or a coin gain. During the free spins, there is also a multiplier that increases up to 7x during the course. So you get even more profits!

Special on 7 sins

At first glance, 7 sins like every ordinary slot act, but who tries out this game, will quickly realize that this is not the case. Here, in particular, the simple and elegant design deceives through which one might mean that not much happens. But those of beautiful women personalized deadly sins are guaranteed by mood.

Compared to other games of Play’n Go offers 7 sins much more paylines and thus more winning opportunities. In addition, there is a lot of features here, ensure variety and hold up the tension. In particular, the opportunity to collect also with only two Scatter symbols free games or profits, make this slot something special – because with a little luck you can get in touch with this game really high gains!

Conclusion to 7 sins

For 7 sins, it is a completely successful slot, which in many ways convincing. With its simple design and the neverthoch high-quality graphics this game is not only beautiful to look at, the slot offers with its chance of extra spirit and free spells also many opportunities to make a big money. Here it has once again managed to combine a classic game with a sinful atmosphere and exciting features.

With its 243 paylines and the huge application possibilities, the slot also also has the opportunity to influence your own happiness and enrich its purse. So do not hesitate long and sin with this slot – we are sure you will not regret it.